Have you heard the news? We’ve changed the name of the E Source Customer Care Service to reflect our cross-industry knowledge of contact center best practices and innovative solutions. You’ll now get the unique insights, actionable advice, and market research data you rely on from the Contact Center Optimization Service.

If you already subscribe to this service, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll see the name change on our website and in the emails and newsletters we send to you. If you’re not a member, look at what you’re missing:

  • Contact center trends and best practices from utilities and organizations in other industries to guide your strategic improvements
  • Cutting-edge market research
  • Expert help for your most urgent contact center questions through our Ask E Source program (PDF)
  • Access to a network of utility professionals who are facing the same problems that you are

For a peek at the kind of helpful content our Contact Center Optimization members get access to, check out our report How to deflect calls and improve self-service. And visit our Customer experience page to learn more about how we can provide the support and resources you need to ensure that your call center and customer service operations exceed expectations.