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As a result of COVID-19, energy utilities and implementers face uncertainty and risk about whether they can achieve their 2020 demand-side management (DSM) savings targets. They’re also facing the added challenge of offering programs that are safe for customers and employees. There’s been debate about the future of energy-efficiency programs, but T&D World, an online transmission and distribution (T&D) resource for utilities, thinks the pandemic will create new opportunities. In the article COVID-19 Will Create Energy Efficiency Opportunities, T&D World’s grid optimization editor David Shadle recognizes that in-home and workplace programs have been stalled but thinks they could take on greater importance in the coming months and years.

To make sure your upcoming DSM programs are successful, you’ll need to resegment your residential customers. A lot of your customers are experiencing unemployment because of the pandemic, so you’ll see a larger pool of low-income candidates, and some have been able to work from home and save money from doing so. COVID-19 has shaken up your customers; they don’t look the same as they did six months ago. It’s a good time for you to resegment your residential customer base and get the right programs and messaging to the right people.

E Source has partnered with Claritas to quickly and cost-effectively deliver information about your customers and programs. Within four weeks of working with us, we’ll give you customer data that you can immediately use to target the right customers with.


Cindy Schweitzer, Vice President, Customer Solutions, E Source
Rachel Cooper Director, Market Research, E Source
Chad Garrett, Managing Director, Consulting and Advisory Services, E Source

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