Every year, we survey residential utility customers on a variety of important energy-related topics. In April 2019, we surveyed 2,000 US residential utility customers to get insights into topics such as utility customer satisfaction and communication channel preferences; paperless billing and autopayment; smart technology products; and customers’ understanding and perception of technologies related to battery storage, electric vehicles, and solar power. Previous studies covered these and additional topics such as brand perceptions and program interest. We’ll be publishing the results of our 2019 study early next year.


The 2019 online survey included 2,000 residential utility customers in all US Census regions. E Source designed the study and analyzed the data, which was collected by a third-party vendor. We apply quotas for gender, age, income, US region, and US division. We also apply a postsurvey weighting scheme to reflect each Census division’s share of households in the total survey area.

Example of Residential Utility Customer Survey findings

This is a thumbnail of the Residential Utility Customer Survey 2016 infographic

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