Understanding your customers is an essential part of an effective strategy for distributed energy resources (DERs). To help you better understand your customers’ opinions and behaviors related to DER technologies, E Source annually conducts in-depth residential customer market research. This unique market research, available to members of the E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service, enables utilities to better engage their residential customers and develop strategies, programs, and communications that support their customers’ DER-related needs.

Topics covered in the 2018 study include:

Familiarity with and adoption or future adoption of DER- and electrification-related technologies
Technology adoption and program participation drivers and barriers
Desired educational information and decision-making preferences
Willingness to participate in utility programs related to battery storage and electric vehicles
Perceptions of how utilities support customers’ use of DERs, and what would change those perceptions
Preferences for DER-related information to be included on the bill
Approach to purchasing or participating in programs with bundled or integrated technology options


The 2018 online survey included 7,201 residential customers in the US (n = 6,501) and Canada (n = 1,150). Participants were over the age of 18 and responsible for paying their utility bill. The sample included quotas for age, gender, low-income participants, and the states or provinces. We applied post-fieldwork weighting to reflect each state and province’s share of households in the total survey area.

If you’re interested in this market research, but your utility does not subscribe to the E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service, please contact us.

Example of Residential DER Customer Market Research Findings

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