The Electric Asset Best Practices Consortium (EABPC) marks a new era in the collaboration and advancement of the utility industry. Born from the strategic merger of the International Inspection, Insight, and Advanced Analytics Consortium (IIAAC) and the Substation Best Practices Consortium (SBPC), the EABPC stands as a beacon of progress and shared knowledge.

This alliance pools the expertise and resources of both consortiums, creating a robust platform for learning, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Our mission is to drive innovation and excellence in the utility sector through a collective and forward-thinking approach.

Expanded knowledge base

Merging the IIAAC and SBPC brings together a range of experts and leaders. This means a broader and richer understanding of the industry’s evolving challenges and opportunities.

Enhanced networking opportunities

Our diverse membership base offers unparalleled opportunities for connection and collaboration among professionals across the industry.

Increased resources

With the combined strength of both consortiums, members have access to an enriched repository of research, best practices, and educational content.

Streamlined events and activities

Our consolidated event calendar features a variety of webinars, workshops, and forums, meticulously curated to align with your professional development and interests.

Participating companies

New working groups

  • Substation best practices. Sharing and refining best practices for substation management and operations.
  • Technology business cases. Evaluating emerging technologies and their impacts on our industry.
  • Utility evolution and energy transformation. Examining the dynamic landscape of the utility sector and its role in the broader energy transformation.

Yearly benchmark: A pillar of industry excellence

The Electric Asset Best Practices Consortium prides itself on the commitment to continuous improvement and industry leadership. A cornerstone of this commitment is our annual benchmark study, an initiative that explores various critical topics within the utility industry.

The benchmark dives into different aspects of utility management and operations and is designed to identify best practices, gauge industry trends, and provide actionable insights. The 2023 benchmark focused on the maintenance frequency of circuit breakers, offering valuable data and perspectives on optimizing maintenance schedules for enhanced reliability and efficiency. These benchmarks enable our members to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Participants in our annual benchmark contribute to and benefit from a wealth of knowledge that can transform the way we approach asset management and operational efficiency in the utility industry.

Learn more

As a member of the EABPC, you have the opportunity to shape the future of our sector. Join today to share your expertise and insights and to play a pivotal role in advancing our industry’s knowledge and best practices.

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