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By providing a deep understanding of each individual customer, E Source OneInform facilitates the development of the customer programs required for an evolving distributed grid. Our industry-leading machine-learning product suite combines hundreds of unique data points, starting at the smart meter level, and uses proprietary algorithms to help you identify the right programs for the right customers, simulate program and grid impacts, craft the appropriate messaging to cause individuals to engage, and implement automation to continuously improve your efforts.

Why you need OneInform

OneInform is the data science backbone for a utility’s next generation of customer programs. Whether your priority is increasing program participation, reducing demand on a specific feeder, or tapping customer resources to avoid a costly system upgrade, OneInform uses the power of data science and machine learning to help you build and match the right programs with the right participants for optimal outcomes in a rapidly changing and complex world. Our utility clients can apply the OneInform methodology to any customer-facing business issue.

OneInform helps you design and launch these programs with the goal of achieving carbon-free energy consumption by 2040. Clean energy plans depend on the rapid growth of renewable energy resources, a renaissance of demand-side management programs, and the reliable management of all these distributed energy resources (DERs) across the grid.

OneInform facilitates the fundamental shift in the development and management of customer programs with precision at specific grid locations and times that are required in a distributed grid environment. It provides the unique benefit of improving the results from your existing portfolio of programs while creating a bridge to the next generation of holistic customer programs.

Find the right participant for the right program

Thanks to the deep insights OneInform provides, you can treat customers like an audience of one.

We help utilities

With OneInform, you can:

  • Build a portfolio of programs that’s tailor-made for your customers and delivers the best possible customer experience
  • Understand the needs of your distributed energy grid and create a portfolio of programs to support the clean energy grid of tomorrow
  • Identify which customers are best suited to achieve the specific goals of each program
  • Prioritize your outreach efforts by predicting which of those best-suited customers are most likely to engage with your offerings
  • Create messages that match your customers’ values and are delivered at the right time through their preferred channel
  • Automate for continuous improvement

Ready to see us in action? Here are a few examples of our recent work

OneInform solutions

OneInform can help you optimize your program portfolio, especially related to DERs, billing and payment programs, and electric vehicles.

Portfolio optimization

Our customer-centric approach begins with an understanding of each individual customer and then lets machine learning aggregate similar customers into cohorts based on specific objectives, such as increasing the penetration of heat pumps, expanding bill-payment options to reduce calls and handling time, and increasing the ability to reduce demand on congested feeders.

Distributed energy resources

DERs—resources that are located on customer premises and connected to the distribution grid—can be divided into two focus areas: energy consumption and energy production. OneInform can help you procure demand response, energy efficiency, rooftop solar, and batteries that perform as expected when called upon to support and enhance the reliability of the grid in delivering energy to customers.

Billing and payment programs

Utilities are constantly seeking ways to optimize customer bills and provide a variety of payment options to enhance the customer experience. If you can find the right customers for your offerings, you’ll save money and ensure timely payment. OneInform identifies the ideal customers for each program and provides the insights you need to tailor these programs for greater participation.

Electric vehicles

OneInform fuels E Source EV4Sight, a centralized home for data and the associated advanced data science related to electric vehicle energy-use patterns, consumer interactions, and trend forecasting at the national, state, utility service territory, or distribution feeder level.

Why choose OneInform?

Audience of one

High-precision dynamic segmentation schemes help you treat customers as an audience of one.

Localized grid impact

Take into account where customers and resources are located on your grid to maximize impact.

Better data

OneInform’s proprietary dataset features more than 600 unique blended data points for each customer.

Domain expertise

E Source has focused on utilities for more than 30 years; we know how to put our data science expertise to work for you.

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