A confluence of conditions is making photovoltaic (PV) systems attractive to your business customers like never before. Rapidly dropping prices, better vendor business models, and sustainability goals are driving rapid growth in PV adoption, and this is only the beginning. Low natural gas prices are driving renewed interest in customer-sited generation and cogeneration.

This is not the time to wait and see. At this moment, vendors are contacting your customers about going solar. It’s still early enough in the game to create new business strategies to work with solar and other distributed generation (DG) and not against it. But the door is closing quickly. Learning about the nuances in needs and decision-making processes of large business customers will provide the essential foundation for that strategy.

Access Study Results

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Study Overview

Our market research study provides utilities with critical information to help them understand what motivates large and midsize business customers to acquire PV and other DG technologies. It also reveals which customers are most likely to reduce their demand for traditional utility-provided power.

E Source takes an informed approach by going straight to the end-use customers. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques, weÙre gathering data on customer attitudes, desires, barriers, and actions that are essential for you to understand in order to create your own strategy.

Project Design and Deliverables

This study surveyed over 800 businesses in the US and Canada and included key market segments such as retail, grocery, healthcare, government, manufacturing, hotels and motels, restaurants, offices, and education.

Key questions addressed in this study include:

  • What drives business customers to embrace PV and DG?
  • How do attitudes about utilities affect customers’ decisions to adopt PV and DG?
  • What investment criteria are most commonly used for decision-making?
  • How do corporate sustainability goals affect these decisions?
  • What barriers may keep customers from adopting PV and DG?
  • Who are the preferred providers of PV and DG, including utilities, local contractors, and national vendors?
  • To what extent will on-site electric storage affect these decisions?
  • Can utility pricing models affect adoption?
  • How are corporate decisions made regarding PV and DG adoption?
  • Which customer segments are most likely to adopt PV and why?

Study deliverables include:

  • An interim intelligence report based on in-depth interviews
  • A strategic outcome report, highlighting how the findings paint a picture for the future and illustrating how utilities can take advantage of, or defend, the PV and DG space
  • A detailed results presentation report with key data in meaningful formats that you can use at your utility to help make strategic decisions
  • On-demand access to the recording of the web conference where we presented our findings
  • Full national datasets