E Source Innovation in Customer Design Awards logo

The 2019 E Source Innovation in Customer Design Awards is now closed. Stay tuned for our announcement of the finalists and join us at the 2019 E Source Forum as we celebrate the winners. For information about the contest or the Forum, contact us.

Has your utility developed new programs, products, or services that are truly customer-centric? If so, we want to hear about it for consideration to win one of our E Source Innovation in Customer Design Awards!

E Source will be honoring utilities who use design thinking and other human-centered approaches to help develop their products and services. We’ll give awards in three categories:

  • New residential products or services
  • New business products or services
  • Innovation in utility culture

Submissions should focus on the value delivered to customers and should include a description of why you believe it’s an innovative offering. We don’t want to see programs that are primarily designed from the utility’s point of view. Instead, we’re looking for:

  • Solar solutions
  • Battery or storage solutions
  • Connected home or business solutions
  • Customer-centric electrification efforts
  • Electric vehicle programs
  • Energy-efficiency or behavior-change programs
  • Holistic customer-centric bundled offerings of historically disparate utility-centric offerings
  • Innovative rate design
  • Innovative demand-response approaches
  • Low-income solutions
  • Organizational culture changes related to enabling customer-focused activities, operations, and outcomes
  • Value-added products or services (including revenue-generating products or services)
  • Any significant organizational change or program in which human-centered innovation is highlighted as an outcome

Winners for the 2019 E Source Innovation in Customer Design Awards will be announced during the 2019 E Source Forum in Denver, Colorado.