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Download the slides | The largest cost drivers in a water AMI project (PDF)

When a team at a water utility considers upgrading a metering system to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), they may not realize most of the implementation costs come about because of meter location. The costs aren’t necessarily a part of upgrading to the AMI network itself.

In this webinar, we’ll highlight the importance of conducting a water meter location survey. We’ll also share what teams at water utilities need to know about meter locations for an AMI project.

You’ll learn:

  • How to effectively price and assess costs for AMI deployment
  • What common issues utilities encounter at meter locations
  • What the industry best practices are for water meter maintenance and location surveying


Elijah Lujan, Field Services Technician, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, E Source

Athens Silaban, Senior Technical Consultant, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, E Source

Scott Jonas, Senior Business Services Analyst, Tacoma Public Utilities

Corey Bedient, Technology Manager, Tacoma Public Utilities

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