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Download the slides | The future of AMI and how to maximize your investment (PDF)

Join us to explore the benefits of planning for and implementing an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system—beyond meter-to-cash. With AMI, you get access to a wealth of data, but how can you use that data to get the most of out your investment? After rolling out AMI, utilities often start looking for ways to improve operations, further enhance the customer experience, and implement all the features. A broader, system-of-systems viewpoint can reveal these more sophisticated Day 2 opportunities. Learn from E Source and the City of Halifax how you can maximize your AMI investment to deliver even more value.

We’ll also describe the next generation of AMI. When making another 15-to-20-year commitment to vendor technology and a solution partner, you want to be sure it’s the right fit. We’ll discuss billing, analytics, network operations, distributed energy, and how AMI can support your future initiatives.

You’ll learn:

  • What we mean by Day 2 AMI opportunities
  • How to identify and prioritize Day 2 AMI use cases
  • What the next generation of AMI looks like, including new functionality
  • How some utilities are approaching Day 2 opportunities and next-generation planning


Kody Salem, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, E Source
Joel Westvold, Account Executive, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, E Source
Kevin Healy, Acting Manager of Water Services, West Region, Halifax Water

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