Every new technology must cross the “chasm of death”—the high-risk, precommercial phase of market adoption where costs are high and value is uncertain—before it can take off and penetrate the market at scale. Utilities test and promote emerging technologies, but these efforts often only address technical and market potential, not market development. In this video excerpt from the 2017 E Source Forum, Brian Barnacle from Energy Solutions talks about the difficulties and opportunities associated with market development and transformation and highlights a midstream incentive program and its successful deployment.

E Source and Energy Solutions are collaborating on a white paper to investigate the potential for upstream and midstream incentives to promote advanced retrofit control measures. These technologies could deliver energy savings and non-energy benefits but have so far proven complex and costly to deliver. In our joint research, we explore opportunities for reducing these barriers and moving the market for these promising technologies. Stay tuned for an expected publication later this year.

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Lead Analyst, Customer Energy Solutions

Bryan Jungers conducts research on emerging, energy-efficient, and distributed energy resource technologies. His main areas of expertise lie in...