Since 2002, E Source has been surveying North American utilities on various e-business metrics. In 2009, with the help of e-business managers at leading utilities, we developed the current version of the survey to help standardize the metrics, enabling industrywide comparisons. In 2011, we began asking utilities to provide their data as an annualized number. The current E-Business Metrics Survey explores several key online customer activities:

Paperless billing
Budget billing
Customer logins
    Registered accounts
    Start-/stop-service orders
    Web and mobile interactions
    Vendor services


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The annual E-Business Metrics Survey gathers data from electric and gas utilities across the US and Canada—from small municipal utilities to large investor-owned utilities. Survey questions are created from a set of base metrics that were developed with the help of e-business managers at leading utilities, leveraging E Source expertise and knowledge of e-business best practices.

Study Results

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Example of E-Business Metrics Survey Findings

This is a thumbnail of a chart from the E Source Data Snapshot on utility vendors

Utilities Predominantly Use Vendors to Build Tools and Services for Both Utility and Customer Uses