Wishing you—our members, partners, and friends—lots of joy and success in 2018! We hope you enjoy this little peek into the holidays at E Source.



This is great!!! Happy holidays, E Source!

That was great!!! Loved it!! :) Thank you all!! Happy holidays to you all too!! Michelle, FPL

This is super amazing. Love it! Happy Holidays.

This is great! Happy Holidays!

Hey Kym! As usual, you guys send out the coolest Christmas Card of them all! Happy Holidays from Arizona!

Awww, love it!! Happy Holiday E Source! -Kerry

Wow! Indicative of the spirit and coordination inherent in ESource. You guys are wonderful! Happy Holidays from SRP.

Loved it...Costumes, choreography and all...Was that all in one take? Happy holidays to you all as well.

It was all one take! Lots of fun decorating and "singing".

Now I know the holidays are here! Thanks Esource for your continued support! Happy Holidays!

We can always count on E Source to have the best Holiday 'card'!! Thanks for this! Merry Christmas from FortisBC!

Good job, ESource! Happy holidays to you all as well :-)

That's an awesome video! Thanks for sending along. Happy Holidays from Nova Scotia.

Delightful! Thanks for the joy! An early holiday gift.

LOVED THE VIDEO! I'm watching and I'm smiling. :) Happy holidays to all!

This was awesome! Loved it!


Great job everyone! I love it.