Wondering how your utility’s direct load control (DLC) program compares to those of other utilities? The E Source DLC Program Benchmarking survey is your chance to find out. It allows you to share your utility’s approach to DLC programs, and the results will provide valuable insights about DLC program structures and best practices from utilities across North America. Your utility can use these insights to inform DLC program design and improve participation rates. You’ll also receive an industry report and an invitation to a web conference where we’ll highlight our findings.

We ask DLC program managers from across the US and Canada about a variety of program metrics and topics, including:

Program participation rates
Program expenditures
Peak load impacts
    Incentive methods
    Budget breakdown
    Budget trends


For the 2016 DLC Program Benchmark, we sent detailed surveys to DLC program managers at more than 45 utilities from across the US and Canada and received responses from 23 utilities and 1 program administrator. The programs in our survey accounted for a total of 2,898,766 DLC participants and 2,417 megawatts of demand-response capacity. Our study represented nearly 30% of DLC participants and 30% of DLC capacity nationwide.


For questions about the E Source DLC Program Benchmark, email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).

Study results

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