Bryan Jungers leads the E Source enterprise-wide Mobility practice. He’s responsible for overseeing strategy, planning transportation electrification and mobility research, advising, consulting, and developing new products and data tools. Before entering his current role as the Director of Mobility, Bryan worked as a research manager, product manager, lead analyst, and senior manager at E Source.

He has nearly 20 years and professional and academic experience as an engineer, researcher, and analyst. Prior to joining E Source, Bryan worked at Manifest Mind, the Electric Power Research Institute, the California Energy Commission, the University of California at Davis (UC Davis), and Humboldt State University (HSU). Bryan earned a BS in environmental resources engineering from HSU and an MS in civil and environmental engineering from UC Davis.

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Charging ahead: Five EV and mobility predictions for 2024

Bryan Jungers
February 27, 2024

This year is going to be a pivotal year for EVs and mobility. Here are some of our 2024 predictions that highlight the trends and shifts we expect will shape the EV sector in the coming year.

Could electrifying public transportation be the key to achieving energy equity goals?

Bryan Jungers
February 21, 2024

What role do electric buses play in providing sustainable public transportation for cities and schools? It’s bigger than you might think and may just be the key to achieving energy equity and justice goals.

3 ways utilities can shrink the risk of integrating EVs with the grid to ensure safe and reliable service

Bryan Jungers
November 22, 2023

At this year’s Mobility Leadership Council we focused on scaled fleet electrification and opportunities for accelerating related projects and initiatives. In this blog post, I’ll unravel three strategies utilities can employ to reduce risk and streamline the integration of fleet EVs into the grid.

How utilities can detect and predict Level 2 EV charger activity to improve capacity planning and grid impacts

Will Gifford, Bryan Jungers
September 28, 2023

EVs are on the rise and, with them, Level 2 chargers. And while individual EVs have a minimal impact on the grid, higher concentrations and an increase of Level 2 chargers can stress the distribution system. Read this blog post to learn how a data-driven approach can help utilities plan for EVs.

Transportation electrification: Where we’re going and how we got here

Bryan Jungers
September 26, 2023

When it comes to transportation electrification (TE), most utilities have been in hurry-up-and-wait mode for the past few decades. And while there’s a new sense of urgency, there’s still uncertainty. To better understand TE, let’s discuss how history shaped the utility response over the years.