Tom Lienhard retired from Avista Utilities in 2021 as an efficiency engineer after more than 25 years with the utility. Before starting at Avista in 1996, Tom oversaw project management and facilities in the healthcare sector. Tom’s decade of experience working as an administrator in the management of significant utility accounts as a customer gave him a good understanding of how utilities can better assist their customers. His expertise as a mechanical engineer and experience with facilities management have given Tom a unique understanding of customers’ needs related to metering, distributed generation, and energy usage.

Tom has participated in numerous symposiums and workshops, including those organized by the Bonneville Power Administration, Northwest Public Power Association, Northwest Building Operators Association, Idaho Department of Water Resources, Rebuild America, US Department of Energy, E Source, and others. He has also spoken at and moderated panels at these events.

Tom is a proponent of renewable distributed power while also advocating for a logical and economic transition to a renewable future. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Washington State University and a utility management certificate from Willamette University.

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