Dannah Moore joined the E Source Editorial team as a staff writer in the summer of 2022. She works closely with E Source and industry experts to deliver innovative information and help utilities make sustainable decisions. Before coming to E Source, Dannah worked in the hospitality industry and earned a BA in English from the University of Missouri–Columbia. She is a member of the National Association of Science Writers.

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5 innovative technologies utilities should keep an eye on in 2024

Barend Dronkers, Dannah Moore
January 31, 2024

Ready for five of the most promising technologies we discussed in our recent Winter 2023 Tech Roundup? Check out this blog post to find out which technologies you should keep an eye on in 2024.

5 standout technologies from the Winter 2023 Tech Roundup

Barend Dronkers, Dannah Moore
January 19, 2024

Our Tech Roundup webinars keep you up to date on the latest developments in efficiency, load management, and decarbonization technologies. Here, we highlight several technologies we covered in the Winter 2023 Tech Roundup.

Consider banking status when examining utility customer payment needs

Lisa Schulte, Dannah Moore
August 15, 2023

Banking status affects how customers pay their bills and is an important demographic to consider when examining customer payment needs. Learn how banking status and income level affect utility customers’ payment behaviors and how utilities can offer equitable payment options to customers.

Should utilities accept cryptocurrency for customer bill payment?

Bryan Jungers, Dannah Moore
August 9, 2023

To help you decide whether to start accepting utility bill payments via cryptocurrency, we examine the demand for this payment method among utility customers and the possible impacts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the energy industry.

7 steps for building your utility’s content strategy

Joy Herbers, Dannah Moore
March 16, 2023

Content strategy guides how you create and manage content to meet customer needs and support business objectives. You can produce content without a strategy, but it will be inconsistent and without purpose. To build and mature your utility’s content strategy, we recommend taking these seven steps.