Angelica Pereira helps utilities and cities improve their customer experience, marketing, and account management strategies. Prior to working at E Source, Angelica led business development and marketing efforts at EnergyX Solutions, a software company that helps utilities in the US and Canada run their energy-efficiency programs for residential and small business customers. She has also researched and developed energy-efficiency programs and projects. Angelica holds a BS in geology from St. Xavier’s College in India and an MA in environmental management and consultancy from Lancaster University in the UK.

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What are the best ways to communicate rate changes to utility customers?

Angelica Pereira
March 9, 2023

With the cost of energy rising, it’s time to rethink your rate communication strategy so you can offer customers proactive communications before rate increases show up on their bills. Communicate the news clearly and directly, and frame it as a story where your customers play a leading role.

One utility’s winning LinkedIn strategy

Anna Nixon, Angelica Pereira
March 30, 2022

Most utilities use LinkedIn to recruit new employees and communicate with business customers. National Grid used LinkedIn static ads and InMail ads to promote its commercial lighting incentives. In this blog post, you’ll see examples of that winning LinkedIn strategy.