E Source regularly conducts a survey of Canadian residential customers to learn about their energy-use patterns and trends, behavior, attitudes toward conservation, program needs, and channel preferences. Our analysis of the data will help you align your marketing plans with the needs and expectations of customers.

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What you get

With the Canadian Residential Insights Survey, you’ll get information on:

  • Customers’ attitudes toward and behaviors around conservation and emerging technologies
  • Which customer segments are most likely to participate in your demand-side management programs
  • Customer satisfaction and their perceptions of your utility brand
  • Customers’ communication preferences and online interactions

Sample content from the Canadian Residential Insights Survey

Our research shows that just over half of Canadian customers say they’re familiar with home energy management (HEM) technologies, but very few have actually purchased an HEM system. There’s an opportunity, then, for utilities to educate customers who are interested in HEM on the potential benefits of the smart home, including the ability to monitor and reduce their energy use. Check out our handy infographic to learn which customers to target and how to reach them.

Download Educating Canadian Customers About the Benefits of HEM (PDF)

This infographic shows that almost half of Canadian customers are familiar with HEM technologies, but very few have purchased them. It explains that utilities can use customers' preferred channel, email, to educate them about the benefits of HEM.


This survey included nearly 2,000 Canadian residential customers in 2017 and almost double that in 2018—3,760. The study is conducted online and E Source designed the survey, collected the data, and analyzed the results. We apply fieldwork quotas for gender, age, and income to the survey sample to ensure that the sample is representative of the Canadian population. Then we use a post-fieldwork weighting scheme to reflect each province’s share of households in the total survey area.

Survey results

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