We’re excited to launch our new podcast, PowerTalking, where we’ll be chatting all things energy with various utility experts and energy nerds. Every other month, we’ll bring you a new episode chock-full of utility news, trends, and recommendations.

Some of the topics we plan to discuss are:

  • Demand response
  • Data science for grid optimization
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Electrification and decarbonization
  • Electric vehicles (EVs)—including consumer charging behavior, electric trucks, and growing customer markets

In our first episode of PowerTalking, E Sourcers “Bill LeBlanc” and Bryan Jungers chat with EV expert Chelsea Sexton to answer some questions around EV trends. Humorous, yet in-depth, this month’s episode is a rich dialogue about the future of EVs, discussing everything from car battery size to EV market penetration.

Listen to “Will legacy car companies ever truly embrace EVs?” below or on our newly launched PowerTalking web page. Don’t forget to find us on your favorite podcast streaming system to stay in the know when new episodes air!


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