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At the E Source Forum 2019, we interviewed some of our session speakers about key points in their presentations.

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New and emerging technologies can help you revolutionize your utility’s programs and services, but technology alone cannot save you. From deploying new software platforms to integrating distributed resources at the grid edge, the “people problem” is often the tougher nut to crack. In this exciting session, we learned best practices for moving new technologies to market, including understanding customer needs and navigating the intricacies of market delivery channels.

After the session, we asked Brian Barnacle, former marketing and proposal coordinator at Energy Solutions, a few questions about his presentation. Check out his video responses below.

Our questions for Barnacle:

  • How can utilities support, promote, and develop soft-skill competency among their technical staff and tech-focused teams? (0:13)
  • What suggestions do you have for utilities to foster innovation? (1:17)
  • What are some good examples of innovative utility programs or initiatives? (3:07)

Contributing Authors

Lead analyst, Customer Energy Solutions

Bryan Jungers conducts research on emerging, energy-efficient, and distributed energy resource technologies. His main areas of expertise lie in...