You’ve heard about climate change for decades: The world is warming, and humans are to blame. The energy industry’s role is significant and undeniable, but utilities have largely shied away from discussing this polarizing issue with their customers. Are we being too timid, afraid to stir the pot or take a stance?

During our opening keynote, Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication explained recent trends in Americans’ climate-change and clean-energy knowledge, attitudes, policy support, and behaviors, and gave advice on building public and political will for climate action. Then, Alice Jackson, CEO of Xcel Energy Colorado, shared why her utility has committed to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and a 100% reduction by 2050, as well as how her team is using customer data to reach those goals.

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After this session, we asked Leiserowitz a few questions about his presentation. Check out his video responses below.

Our questions for Leiserowitz centered on these topics:

  • Tell us about the “Six Americas.” (0:11)
  • The group called “Dismissives” often dominate the conversation even though they are such a small group by percentage. How does this group intimidate others? (2:51)
  • Talk about the power of the opt-in versus opt-out when it comes to energy. (3:49)