The challenge

While navigating the regulatory approval process for a new energy efficiency plan filing to produce a much more robust program portfolio, an East Coast utility received many data requests and questions from hesitant regulators. The regulators gave the utility a tight deadline to provide information such as program achievements, budget details, and data from across the utility sector. Gathering this information was challenging and time-consuming.

The solution

With so many urgent requests and limited resources, the utility turned to E Source for help. E Source experts gathered data to support the utility’s budget estimates. The E Source team also shared benchmarking insights and best practices based on successful filings from peer utilities. E Source acted like an extension of the utility, quickly and thoroughly answering questions through the Ask E Source program and supporting the utility throughout the filing process.

Through its subscriptions to the Demand-Side Management and Technology Assessment Services, the utility received guidance on program design and emerging technologies. And, using the DSM Insights tool, the utility performed its own benchmarking research, gathering comparison data on program budgets, incentives, and savings targets for its regulators.

The results

With E Source support, the utility met its hesitant regulators’ tight deadlines with ease and convinced them to approve the utility’s new plan to grow its program portfolio. The utility continues to rely on its E Source membership for implementation recommendations and advice on continuous program improvement. The utility trusts the E Source team whenever it needs help.

And to stay on top of strategic trends, discuss challenges, and gain insight and inspiration from the E Source team and peer utilities, leaders from the utility attend E Source Customer Energy Solutions Leadership Council meetings.