Utilities attempting to focus more on their customers and their customers’ needs frequently ask what it takes to transform their company culture. In this excerpt from the E Source Forum 2018 session Customer-Centric Culture: From Buy-In to Booyah, you’ll learn the critical value of leadership support. Key takeaways include:

  • Culture is the result of employees’ beliefs and assumptions about what’s expected of them.
  • Culture is created and shaped through shared learning and experience over time.
  • We can’t change culture directly, but we can change what employees learn and experience.
  • If we want employees to believe and assume that they’re expected to behave in customer-centered ways, we need to provide learning and experiences that consistently convey that expectation over time.
  • To facilitate new learning and positive shared experiences, we need a high level of support from leadership.
  • E Source research suggests that mere buy-in from senior leaders isn’t enough to lead and sustain desired change.

If you’re serious about leading meaningful culture change to make your utility more customer-centered, watch the video for advice about how to move from buy-in to booyah.

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