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Download the slides | Applying an Audience of One approach to better understand and serve LMI customers (PDF)

Using the E Source Audience of One approach, we recently completed a multiclient project in partnership with the Edison Electric Institute to help three utilities better understand their low- and moderate-income (LMI) customers’ challenges. The objective of this project was to reduce energy burden for LMI customers by developing programs that help them better afford, manage, and pay their energy bills.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how we integrated data science methodologies to segment LMI customers and correlate segment behaviors to impacts on key utility interactions like calls, arrears, and disconnects. You’ll also see how we conducted ethnographic research that highlighted customer needs and behaviors with recorded diaries of their energy use and billing experiences. Then, we’ll highlight how the utilities that participated in a three-day design-thinking workshop applied their newfound insights to develop LMI solution concepts, hearing firsthand from one of the utility participants. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply an equity lens when designing your own LMI programs.

You’ll learn:

  • Important features of the cohorts that make up the LMI population
  • Key challenges and struggles faced by LMI customers
  • How to apply an equity lens when designing your LMI offerings


Melanie Wemple, Senior Managing Director, Management Consulting, E Source
Lisa Markus, Managing Director, Management Consulting, E Source
Jeffrey Daigle, Managing Director, Management Consulting, E Source

Sandra Alvarado, Lead Strategist, Market Segmentation & Growth, National Grid

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