Check out this case study to learn how the E Source Water Loss Consulting team partners with water utilities to manage and reduce water losses.

The challenge

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the largest municipal utility in the US. LADWP’s sheer size, paired with 15 inches of rain annually, make water a prized resource for the utility’s 8,600 employees and 4 million customers. As a result, it was important to make sure that the distribution system operated efficiently for current and future customers who need a sustainable water supply.

The solution

To meet targets for water supply reliability and infrastructure management, LADWP partnered with E Source to thoroughly dissect utility data sources, guide meter-testing efforts, evaluate distribution system water loss, and design a cost-justified water loss control program. Together, LADWP and the E Source team were able to make an in-depth study of each water balance volume, enabling LADWP to:

  • Evaluate system boundaries to choose the most reliable and insightful supply meters
  • Mine the billing database for insights into volumes billed, volumes missed, and suspicious accounts
  • Analyze exports from the work order management system to evaluate leakage contained compared to leakage anticipated
  • Collect system pressure data to identify opportunities for pressure optimization
  • Design a multiyear, cost-justified water loss management program

The results

To support this effort, the E Source team and LADWP built an organization-wide water loss control team, charged with managing water loss in perpetuity. Since then, the task force has grown to more than 100 employees. Its drive and success garnered the American Academy of Environmental Engineers’ grand prize for planning.