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Download the slides | Using analytics to enhance the customer experience and predict satisfaction (PDF)

The stakes are rising for utilities to meet customer satisfaction targets, accountable at the executive, board, and regulatory levels. Unfortunately, utilities also operate in a dynamic environment and aren’t granted allowances for the various challenges that can derail even the best customer experience (CX) plans.

During this webinar, we’ll share the story of how E Source helped a utility client navigate a massive IT transformation without taking its eyes off its customer satisfaction target. This involved developing a CX roadmap in a rapidly changing environment and forecasting how a multitude of factors will stack up to influence customer satisfaction. Our work addressed the utility’s key question: Are our investments sufficient to meet our customer satisfaction targets?

Join us to hear insights on how to develop a high-impact CX roadmap using an analytics-based approach to forecast how your efforts will affect your customer metrics.

You’ll learn:

  • How forecasting can ensure that your CX roadmap is up to the task of achieving your customer satisfaction target
  • Ways to incorporate customer and employee perspectives into CX initiatives
  • How to model satisfaction and use the results to prioritize initiatives with the greatest boost


Chad Garrett, Managing Director, Management Consulting, E Source
Chris Hilborn, Vice President, Customer Insights and Solutions, Liberty Utilities

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