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The utility of the future will be fully digital. To get there, you’ll need to completely rethink how your people, processes, data, and technologies will affect how your business functions. To reap the benefits of digital investments, you need specialized skill sets to transition from collecting data to connecting data. Your digital strategies will also need a human-centric approach and a technology roadmap. Web-based tools, for example, can help you gather input from employees and create alignment within the organization.

Join us to learn what’s needed for the kind of organizational agility that will ensure a successful digital transformation. We’ll dive into the five steps that we believe are critical building blocks:

  • Alignment. Make sure stakeholders are on board with your business strategy.
  • Culture. Make sure you’re prioritizing culture and how changing to a digital utility will affect it.
  • Engagement. Embrace the new digital era and make sure your organization is engaged from the outset.
  • Business-process redesign. Conduct business design activities before choosing technologies.
  • Technology roadmaps. Get systems engineering input for your technology assessments.


“Kim Neininger”, vice president, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, E Source
“Nicole Pennington”, senior manager, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting, E Source

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