Jessica Bailis helps utilities use E Source content to meet their marketing and corporate communications goals. Before becoming a Solution Director, she researched utility marketing and communications initiatives and trends as a Senior Analyst. She has 14 years of digital marketing and public relations experience. Prior to working at E Source, Jessica led marketing initiatives at a solar-installation company in New York and developed residential and business campaigns for lead generation, customer engagement, and corporate branding. She specializes in social marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Jessica holds a BS in television-radio with a concentration in advertising and public relations from Ithaca College.

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The winners of the 2020 E Source Utility Ad Awards Contest

Jessica Bailis
September 8, 2020

This year, E Source encouraged utilities to submit their most effective and creative marketing campaigns across six categories. Join this web conference as we recognize the winners of the 2020 E Source Utility Ad Awards Contest.

Utilities support diversity, equity, and inclusion, and so does E Source

Jessica Bailis, Eryc Eyl
June 12, 2020

Since May 30, we’ve seen 21 utilities across the US and Canada issue public statements of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Like our utility customers, E Source supports Black Lives Matter and the broader movement for inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.

Storytelling tips from the experts

Jessica Bailis, Joy Herbers
July 12, 2019

How do you identify, plan, deliver, manage, and measure the success of your website content? Southern California Edison's Caroline Aoyagi-Stom and Content Strategy Inc.'s Blaine Kyllo gave utility members some easy-to-implement advice at the 2018 E Source Forum. Watch video excerpts of their wisdom.

How utilities assisted furloughed federal government employees during the shutdown

Jessica Bailis
January 29, 2019

Utilities across the US have stepped up to assist furloughed federal employees who endured financial hardships and were unable to keep up with their energy bills during the government shutdown.

We Blog. Should You?

Jessica Bailis
January 8, 2019

According to our 2018 Social Media Survey results, 41% of utilities maintain a blog, but 47% don’t and aren’t planning to start. So for those who do blog, what are the goals and how does maintaining a high-quality blog positively impact a utility's brand?