Heather Hilgenkamp designs, implements, and analyzes market research studies. Some of the areas she focuses on are customer experience, social media, and website reviews. Previously, Heather worked for a market research firm where she performed a wide variety of studies for a multitude of clients in industries such as energy, hospitality, healthcare, and government. She also worked for the US Army doing research aimed at improving officers’ leadership skills. Heather has a PhD in cognitive psychology with an emphasis in consumer judgment and decision-making, an MS in cognitive psychology, a BA in psychology, and a BS in marketing from Kansas State University.

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Utility websites are more mobile friendly and accessible than ever: Findings from the E Source 2021 Website Benchmark

Heather Hilgenkamp
August 26, 2021

Have you wondered how your utility website stacks up against others? We reviewed 85 utility websites from across the US and Canada. In this blog post, we share a few notable findings from the 2021 study and announce the utilities that scored the highest on individual attributes.

How mature is VOC in the utility sector?

Eryc Eyl, Heather Hilgenkamp, Laura Beausire
August 4, 2021

How do your voice-of-the-customer (VOC) management practices stack up against other utilities’ practices? Data from the E Source 2020 Customer Experience Survey reveal strengths and opportunities for improvement in managing VOC.

Top 10 customer-preferred utility website features

Abbas Madad, Heather Hilgenkamp, Laura Ruff Agard, Rachel Cooper
December 11, 2019

Which website features are most important to residential customers? Do preferences differ by electronic device? We’ve created an at-a-glance reference of the top customer-preferred utility website features for desktop, laptop, mobile device, and tablet.

Is your website best in class?

Heather Hilgenkamp
November 6, 2019

We recently revealed the results and rankings from the 2019 E Source Review of North American Electric and Gas Company Residential Websites, so we compiled some high-level results in an easy-to-digest infographic. How does your website stack up?

New Methodology Uncovers Top-Rated Utility Websites of 2019

Heather Hilgenkamp
October 8, 2019

Check out how utility websites rated according to our updated study methodology. See the rankings and find out what makes for exceptional utility website experiences.