Devin Fink works closely with our members to help them maximize their business customer relationships. He conducts member training and onboarding, manages market research projects, and publishes research on account-management trends and best practices across industries. Devin’s background is in program implementation and evaluation for commercial and industrial sectors; he also has experience in helping key account customers develop and execute strategic energy management plans and efficiency upgrades. He holds a BS in environmental science and geology from Northeastern University.

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Your guide to helping business customers get through COVID-19

Devin Fink
May 5, 2020

Business customers of every size in every industry have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. See how E Source Business Energy Advisor can help you offer guidance and support to these customers as they either ramp up or hunker down.

Exploring business customer nuances

Devin Fink
December 24, 2019

Your business customers are unique, so you’re not likely to find a one-size-fits-all approach to serving them. We’ll share trends and insights gleaned from our market research studies that will help you strategize by business type.

Partnering with business customers who are going renewable

Devin Fink
November 13, 2019

Utilities have to figure out how they can best help their largest business customers achieve sustainability, renewable, and clean energy goals. After our 2019 Forum panel discussion, we talked to Chris Conrad from Xcel Energy to learn more about the utility’s efforts.

Are You Equipped to Support Business Customers With Sector-Specific Content and Energy Advice?

Devin Fink
November 5, 2019

Are you ready to transform your business customer operations? E Source Business Energy Advisor provides a one-stop shop for sector-specific energy advice and gives you another channel for improving engagement with your business customers while also promoting energy efficiency programs.

What do we need to know about working with RE100 customers?

Devin Fink
July 22, 2019

Companies that have committed to using 100% renewable energy by joining the RE100 present an exciting challenge for utility account reps. Learn how these important customers differ from a typical key account and what you need to know to help them meet their energy goals.