Beth Fitzjarrald combines her physics training and interest in human behavior science to analyze energy-efficiency and demand-response programs and to consult with utilities on how to design and implement those programs. Beth researches behavioral programs and strategies, focusing on the intersection between demand-side management and customer experience. She helped design and manage the Boulder County EnergySmart program before joining the E Source team. Beth holds a BA in physics from Colorado College and an MS in environmental studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Behavior Programs Showcase Showdown

Beth Fitzjarrald
November 13, 2019

Can your behavior program deliver 2% savings? What about 3%, 5%, or even 10%? BGE’s Amanda Janaski and OUC’s Ebony Whitby answered a few of our questions about alerts, prepaid billing, and other new behavioral strategies after our E Source 2019 Forum session.

Big Behavior Savings Drive Big Behavior Spending

Beth Fitzjarrald
July 18, 2019

Utility behavior programs such as home energy reports are making a big difference on customer energy bills and helping utilities reach increasingly aggressive energy-savings goals. What makes them so popular and effective? We've been tracking these programs for years and can share our insights.

The Shift to Customer-Side Management

Beth Fitzjarrald
April 4, 2017

Rising goals, rising baselines, rising customer expectations ... what's a demand-side management program manager to do? We dove into leading states' preapproval filings and discovered some key themes about working with your new business partner: your customer.

Changing Behavior—for Efficiency and Waistlines

Beth Fitzjarrald
September 9, 2016

Can't stop eating those cookies? Try moving them to the top shelf of your pantry. Simple behavior-change tools like this can help you reach your personal improvement goals, and they can also help you reach the participation and customer satisfaction goals you've set for your DSM programs.

Rounding Up Innovation: Residential DSM Style

Beth Fitzjarrald
May 10, 2016

Looking for the latest and greatest in residential DSM? Aren't we all? E Source rounds up interesting and innovative programs twice each year. Our published report has all the details, but check out this little blog to get some of the highlights on five programs that caught our eye.