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E Source Residential Energy-Use Study: 2011

Insights on efficiency, segments, and appliance saturation

The E Source Residential Energy-Use Study will help you answer pressing questions about your residential customers, such as:

  • Which of my customer segments are most likely to participate in demand-side management (DSM) programs?
  • Which of my customers haven’t participated, but want to?
  • How does my utility rate for brand value, trust, environmental friendliness, and rate fairness?
  • How many households in my service territory have Wiis and HDTVs?
  • What is the demographic profile of individuals in my service territory with second refrigerators?
  • Do my customers use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) more or less than other U.S. consumers?
  • How many individuals in my service territory made home energy upgrades in 2009 and 2010?

E Source has the answers, customized for your service territory.

E Source, in partnership with The Nielsen Company, has collected detailed market research data on issues that affect your utility’s loads as well as your residential customers’ program participation, behavior, segments, and attitudes toward your utility. We’ve extensively analyzed the data to create detailed reports of the most important insights on residential appliance saturation, utility program participation for efficiency and value-added services, customer attitudes, and demographics.

Our results are based on a NEW national sample of more than 32,000 respondents who were surveyed about:

More than just reporting numbers, this study wraps demographics and attitudes around the data.

Your Options for Exploring This Study

Drill down into the result for your service territory. (Note: The data set has varying response levels for different utility service territories. Please call us to discuss the best method to get a set of actionable data for your utility.)

Our consulting option will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of residential energy use in your sector.

*Members of the E Source Residential Marketing Service receive a 20 percent discount.

Ready to Learn More About Your Customers’ Energy Behaviors and Attitudes?

For more information about this study or to inquire about the response levels for your utility service area, please send an e-mail to Aleana Reeves or call 303-345-9172.

What’s Included in Your Customized Results

Your customized report is composed of three sections for your service territory or region:

You can use this information to help you:

  • Replace or supplement existing, expensive studies that gauge appliance saturation to understand savings opportunities
  • Understand detailed trend analysis by comparing 2009 data to 2010 appliance saturation and program participation analysis
  • Compare your service territory to another service territory or region to understand how your appliance saturation, demographic makeup, and program participation is unique
  • Develop your corporate brand and identify your core brand attributes
  • Create better load forecasts for your service territory
  • Leverage existing segmentation schemas, which were developed to assist in selling additional DSM services, for precise target marketing
  • Better understand the energy needs of your customers

Custom Insights. What are your burning residential-related questions? We work with you to provide answers to these questions in our Custom Insights section, which is composed of highly insightful and actionable take-aways to help you meet your goals.

Appliance Saturation. We analyzed more than 50 energy-using appliances and equipment that you might find in a typical dwelling, including new plug loads such as printers, wireless modems, and home theater systems. Our Microsoft Excel report wraps demographics and attitudes around the data. For example, you can see how the square footage of a dwelling relates to various appliance and plug-load components.

For each of the following appliances and equipment, we asked:

  • Do you own this appliance or equipment now?
  • If yes, how many do you own?

For most, we also asked do you plan to purchase it in the next 12 months?

Home entertainment
Plasma TV
Liquid crystal display (LCD) TV
Standard tube TV
Cable box
Digital video recorder (DVR)/TiVO
DVD/Blu-ray player
Video game console (Wii, Xbox, etc.)
Home theater system

Cell phone/Smartphone

Desktop computer
Laptop computer
Wireless home network using wireless modem or router

Light timers (including outdoor)

Stand-alone freezer
Front-loading washing machine
Top-loading washing machine
Electric clothes dryer
Gas clothes dryer

Water heater
Natural gas or propane water heater
Electric water heater
Solar water heater
Tankless natural gas or propane water heater
Tankless electric water heater

Home protection
Point-of-use surge protector
Whole-house surge protector

Programmable thermostat (including utilization of the programming features)
Primary heating appliance and fuel (including heat pumps)
Primary cooling equipment

Backup generator
Electric space heater
Outdoor propane grill
Hot tub
Home swimming pool (above or below ground)
Pool pump timer
Water well with electric pump

Products & Services. Get an overview of high-potential products and services, which will help steer your new product development process and target your marketing dollars most effectively. Our Excel report dives into your customers’ desires for and current engagement in products, services, and programs.

We also translate product and service profiles with demographics and The Nielsen Company’s PRIZM segments to help you understand exactly what customers need and want from your utility. We explain the four E Source energy-efficiency segments, which you can use to better target your energy-efficiency offerings:

  • EE Achievers
  • EE Anticipators
  • EE Uncommitteds
  • EE Indifferents

You’ll find out who is most likely to:

  • Want flat-billing options
  • Apply for appliance-recycling rebates
  • Purchase appliance warranties

We also offer insights into how satisfied your customers are with the level of environmental action your utility is taking and how much this attribute matters to them.

For each of the following products and services, we asked do you have this product or service now (or have you recently used it) through your electric or gas utility? For most, we also asked do you plan to purchase, join, or use it in the next 12 months?

Energy efficiency
Whole-house audit
Online energy audit
Equipment rebate
Appliance rebate
Appliance recycling

Energy upgrades
Energy-efficient window replacement
Weather stripping and sealing of air leaks
Added insulation
Solar panels

Payment plans
Automatic monthly withdrawal from checking or credit card
Prepaid billing

Clean or green energy
Green power
Carbon offsets for electricity or gas

Value-added products
HVAC warranty
Water heater warranty
Major household appliance warranty
Power-surge warranty
Home wiring warranty
HVAC inspection and maintenance

Rate options
Balanced or budget billing
Fixed or flat billing
Real-time pricing
Time-of-use (or time-of-day) rates
Load management

We also asked respondents about:

Plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles
Mileage per day
Interest in purchase

Smart grid
Communication of benefits
Interest in smart grid services
Price point for smart meters

Motivations to conserve
Cost versus environment
Preference in energy sources for carbon neutrality

Customer satisfaction
Overall satisfaction
Effective communications by utility
Control over energy costs

Utility brand attributes
Customer service–oriented
Environmentally friendly

What’s Included with the Consulting Add-On

You can add our consulting services to your customized report to help you gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of residential energy use in your sector. You’ll receive:

  • A one-hour presentation for your team via web conference to review the key take-aways from the Custom Insights section of your customized report
  • Up to 20 hours of consulting time to ask our experts questions about the data set, gain additional insight into specific topics, explore further segmentation analysis for your service territory, and everything in between!

National reports for products and services and appliance saturation can be purchased separately for a fee. You can also purchase raw data files for your service territory in Microsoft Excel or ASCII formats for an additional license fee.