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Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

When you register on the E Source web site or for E Source events, we ask you to provide personal information such as your e-mail address, phone number, or postal address. You may sign up for e-mail newsletters or White Papers by providing your e-mail address and other contact information. We use this information to help us process your order, service your account, and respond to your inquiries. We may contact you with offers that we think are relevant to you, when there is a web site problem, or other customer service–related issues.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

E Source does not sell, share, or rent personal information that we’ve collected about you on

How to Unsubscribe

If you no longer want to receive e-mail communications from E Source, you may unsubscribe by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every e-mail or by sending us an e-mail message. Please list which e-mail you no longer wish to receive in the subject line. For example, to stop receiving messages about the E Source Example Service, the subject line would be “Unsubscribe from Example Service.” If you would like to opt out of all E Source e-mails, please use the subject line “Unsubscribe from All E Source E-mail.”


The E Source web site uses cookies to customize your experience. A cookie is a text-only string of information that a web site transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer’s hard drive, making it possible for the web site to remember who you are and what your preferences are. There are different types of cookies. A “session” cookie is erased from memory when a visitor’s browser closes. A “persistent” cookie expires based on a time set by the web server. Persistent cookies help web sites identify specific visitors and their preferences when they return to a web site.

Please note that disabling or blocking cookies for some services may affect your ability to use those services. If you wish to alter your cookie preferences, you must change your browser’s preferences to enable/keep, disable/block/restrict, or delete/remove cookies. For optimal use, we recommend enabling cookies.

Enabling cookies is handled by your browser’s security settings, which are specific to each browser and operating system. Please check with the company that created your browser if you need more information. Some examples of how to change your preferences for a Windows-based operating system browser:

  • In Internet Explorer (versions 7 and up), this option is listed under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. The setting has to be set to “Medium” to allow first-party cookies that save contact information. You can also explicitly handle the cookie permissions with the “Advanced” button.
  • In Mozilla Firefox (version 3 and up), this option is listed under Tools > Options > Privacy. In the “History” section, select “Remember history” to automatically allow cookie access. Alternatively, if you select “Use custom settings for history,” the “Accept cookies from sites” option would need to be checked to allow cookie access.

Usage Tracking

We monitor how you use our web sites, including the search terms entered, pages visited, and documents viewed. If you’re a registered user, this information is stored with your registration information. It’s unique-number identifiable and is used solely to enable us to provide you with a personalized experience on our web site.

These data may also be used by E Source, in the aggregate, to identify appropriate product offerings and subscription plans. Aggregated (not personally identifiable) forms of the data may also be used to help us target areas for future research and to identify new features and functions to develop for our web site.

These data are also used by E Source member clients to help them understand how their subscriptions are being used by their employees. In this case, the information is personally identifiable to the specific client, not to an individual. However, we do not share passwords, e-mails between E Source and individuals, or browser history.

E Source Events

When you register for an E Source event, we may request additional information such as a credit card number and expiration date. This information is confidential and is never shared—it’s used for confirmation and billing purposes only. Also, when you register for an event, we may request additional information about your hotel, meal, and other travel preferences. This information is only used for the specific event.

When you register for an E Source event, we provide necessary information to the hotels and other facilities that are hosting the events. Those businesses are only allowed to use your personal information to provide services relevant to the event.

Attendee and company names may be provided on a list for everyone who registered for the event. Exhibitors and sponsors of E Source events are entitled to an attendee roster with names and basic contact information (address, phone number, and e-mail).

We do not share personal information about you outside of E Source unless the law requires it. To obtain more information about our privacy policy, e-mail Customer Service or call 1-800-ESOURCE.