E Source Midsize Business Gap and Priority Benchmark: 2012

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Every year, E Source conducts an online survey of utilities’ midsize business customers to assess their most important needs and how well their energy providers are meeting those needs. We then rank the customers’ overall satisfaction with both their utility and utility account representative.

What you get:

  • Individualized gap and priority analysis. We’ll tell you the details of what’s going right and what could be better. You’ll also see where you stand compared to your peer utilities.
  • Customer response data. You’ll receive the survey responses for each midsize business customer in a format that makes it easy for you to interpret the results and to use the data for additional analysis.
  • Industry benchmark report. You’ll get the full analysis of industry trends, along with the factors that are driving midsize business customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive review will help you focus your attention and limited resources on the issues that matter most to your customers. Get the insights you need to make—and keep—your midsize business customers happy!

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What key account team managers are saying about the study

“The benchmark was informative and went smoothly. The analysis was helpful, and it was great to have E Source interpret the results and discuss priority action steps.”

“The benchmark has helped us allocate our resources to better meet the needs of our business customers. It was very easy to participate, and it was a pleasure to work with the team at E Source.”