Sometimes in life, big changes creep up on us. They evolve so slowly, and so subtly, that one day we look around and realize those changes are here. For the energy world, that’s an apt description of 2017. Technologies that made headlines in 2017 include batteries and electric vehicles, which came onto the grid in higher numbers than ever before. Then there’s the continued trend toward deeper market penetration of energy-efficient technologies, with one example being LEDs, a technology on the verge of becoming the baseline general-purpose lighting technology. Other technologies that made big advancements over the course of 2017 included switched-reluctance motors, automated savings verification, and voice-activated smart home systems.

Although no trend lasts forever, we expect 2018 to continue advancing toward cleaner, smarter, more-efficient, and more-customer-responsive energy systems. This excerpt of our report for members of the E Source Technology Assessment Service, Top 20 Technologies and Trends of 2017, features five technologies we’re keeping an eye on.

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