Did you know that, according to the latest E Source Residential Utility Customer Survey, nearly 70 percent of residential customers in the US and Canada see smart homes as good investments, and over 80 percent think that smart home technologies improve energy efficiency and increase convenience?

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Given the high levels of customer interest and dramatic predicted growth rates in the years ahead, smart home technology has the potential to yield benefits for utilities of all sizes. For example, it offers:

  • New approaches to energy efficiency
  • Sophisticated new load management and demand-response capabilities
  • Increased availability of energy-use data
  • Improved customer engagement
  • New branding and marketing channels
  • A variety of revenue-building opportunities

Unfortunately, the many vendors and products in this space, constant technological evolution, and inherent complexity involved in smart home systems can make this new area seem daunting to approach. The good news is that E Source has extensive information on this topic, designed to help you understand your options and meet your goals.

We recently pulled all of our smart home research (across multiple E Source service lines) into a single Smart Home Resource Center to make it easy to find and access. So far, the Resource Center includes 13 reports (with more in the works!). Some of the smart home topics include:

  • Demand-side management programs and strategies
  • Energy and demand benefits
  • Non-energy benefits
  • Vendors, products, and ecosystems
  • Customer views and market research

We also want to hear what you’re working on, so use the form on the Smart Home Resource Center to share any cool pilots or projects you think we should know about.

In addition to the reports in the Smart Home Resource Center, we also have reports focused on individual connected devices—like Smart Thermostat Pilots and Programs, our comprehensive and regularly updated spreadsheet of data on utility smart thermostat pilots, programs, and evaluations—designed for utilities that aren’t yet ready to jump into a smart home pilot.

Interested in learning more, or have suggestions for future E Source reports? Feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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