Shelby Kuenzli is an associate analyst on the marketing and communications research team at E Source. She previously worked for an environmental nonprofit in Massachusetts, leading the marketing and communications initiatives for their food-waste and energy-efficiency programs. Shelby ran campaigns that optimized social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, customer engagement, and brand awareness. Shelby holds a BS in life sciences communication and a BS in zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has a passion for communicating revolutionary science and technology.

Content by This Author

Why and How Utilities Should Accelerate the EV Revolution

Shelby Kuenzli
June 26, 2019

Even with more electric vehicle (EV) sales, customer awareness of EVs hasn’t grown in four years. Find out how you can increase EV adoption through marketing strategies, and see how Evergy earned 2,000% growth in new EV drivers through experiential marketing.

How Customers Feel About Climate Change, and How Utilities Are Addressing It

Shelby Kuenzli
April 22, 2019

<p>Climate change has been in the news for decades, but today people feel its effects personally. Utilities can improve their brand image by addressing their role in the changing environment and communicating their efforts to customers.</p>