E Source Mission Statement

To advance the efficient use of energy.

Who Is E Source?

Whether you're an electric or natural gas utility or a large business customer served by a utility, your problems are probably not unique. Every utility service territory and every business is different, but when it comes to selling, buying, and using energy, many others have faced the same challenges as your organization.

For more than 20 years, E Source has been helping utilities and large energy users with critical problems involving energy efficiency, utility customer satisfaction, program design, marketing, customer management, and sustainability. Our Research and Advisory business model enables you to tap into the best minds in the business, people who have wrestled with problems very similar to yours. Our approach gets you up the learning curve fast, helps you avoid the mistakes others have already made, and allows your organization to begin to immediately implement the industry's best practices.

Organizational Benefit

E Source provides the benefits of consulting or full-time staff at a fraction of the price. Organizations working in the energy sector face many problems in common. Instead of making every engagement a custom solution, E Source devotes far more resources on each issue than any company could afford to spend alone. Our research and counsel are then provided on a syndicated basis to our member organizations. This often negates the need for you to hire consultants and, at a minimum, helps you make your consulting investments more focused and effective.

Strategic Benefit

Discover how your peers in similar organizations tackle the challenges you face. We facilitate interaction and networking among energy executives across North America. Common problems and challenges can be aired and solutions evaluated in a safe and neutral environment. Because these peer-to-peer interactions are facilitated by E Source staff, there is little wasted time and the very best solutions and most relevant experience are quickly brought forward.

Each service holds regularly scheduled meetings and web conferences. Our staff is always available to answer your direct questions or put you in touch with the right individuals who can help.

Tactical Benefit

Your staff members can quickly get actionable advice, useful data, and case studies that are relevant to their immediate programs and goals. Every employee of a member organization has access to the E Source staff and library—resources that will make them more productive, help them find creative solutions, and help them avoid the mistakes others have made in the past.

Through our members-only web site, which is continually updated with new reports and other resources containing the latest data and best practices, your staff will be equipped to make better, faster decisions on the challenges they face.

Early Days

E Source had its beginnings under a different name—Competitek—in 1986, as the brainchild of Amory Lovins and his colleagues at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). Its mission was to save as much electricity as possible as quickly and cheaply as possible by providing information on electricity-saving technologies and ways to implement them. The audience was utility demand-side management (DSM) programs, corporate energy users, governments, and other interested parties. Operating as a program within the nonprofit RMI, Competitek grew to serve more than 200 client organizations in 15 countries and generated a path-breaking, world-renowned series of documents that defined the state of the art in electric end-use efficiency.

In 1992, with seed capital from the MacArthur Foundation, the enterprise was spun out as a for-profit subsidiary of RMI and moved from the institute’s headquarters in Old Snowmass, Colorado, to Boulder, Colorado. The name was changed at that point to E Source, under the executive team of Michael Shepard, Jim Newcomb, and Brad Davids. The business continued to grow, with a primary client base of utility DSM programs.

Corporate Changes

As the prospect of deregulation and competition in retail energy markets emerged in the mid-1990s, funding for traditional utility DSM programs diminished. E Source quickly adapted and began offering a variety of services to help utilities cope with this changing business environment. The company continued to provide information on energy efficiency, but it was provided in the context of the retail energy services offered by utilities and other energy service companies as a profit center, rather than as part of regulated DSM activities. As utilities sought to better understand and meet their customers’ needs, E Source developed additional information services focusing on customer service, marketing, and the distinct needs of the utilities’ residential, small and midsize business, and large commercial and industrial customer groups. As demand for information on specific topics grew, E Source responded by launching new service lines in such areas as distributed energy, power quality, and green energy, among others. During this period, the company also developed a service specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate energy managers. By working directly with utilities and their large customers, E Source has come to deeply understand the needs of both energy suppliers and energy users.

These information services generally followed a “membership” model—all the employees of a member company were given access to a variety of resources in print, online, and in person that provided objective counsel on how they could meet their business goals.

FT Energy, a division of Pearson PLC (which owns The Financial Times), acquired E Source in 1999. FT Energy was itself acquired by the Platts division of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. in 2001. The long-time senior management of E Source remained with the business throughout this period and eventually led a buyout of the organization from McGraw-Hill in 2006.


More than 60 employees located in Boulder and throughout the United States are still providing fuel-neutral, vendor-neutral advice and research to businesses throughout the world. Almost all of the major utilities in North America, along with large end-users of power looking to reduce their energy spending and environmental impact, federal and state government agencies, and vendors focused on these organizations, continue to rely on E Source for unbiased information and advice.

Many of these organizations have been members since 1986. They renew year after year because there is no better way to cut through the information clutter and hype. They know E Source is still focused on helping its member companies meet and exceed their business goals by highlighting the industry’s best practices, providing insightful technology assessments, and delivering reliable market intelligence.

Wayne Greenberg, CEO

Wayne Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Greenberg is responsible for developing and implementing high-level strategies, making corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. He has been on the board since 2007.

In the 1990s, Wayne piloted E Source to a position on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies prior to the sale of the company in 1999. Since that time, he has been CEO of several companies, all in the energy information sector. Those companies include Architectural Energy Corp., a green buildings firm (now part of Carrier Corp.); WellDog, a venture-backed data company servicing natural gas extraction; and several portfolio companies under Enertech Capital Partners, a pioneer in energy investing, for which he has been an adviser since 1998.

Wayne currently chairs a drone-enabled agricultural data start-up, Agribotix, and was the chairman of the mediation and dispute-resolution nonprofit CDR Associates. He was one of the founding board members of the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association and on the association’s behalf, in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, was the founding director of the Cleantech Fellows Institute.

Prior to focusing on energy, Wayne served as president of Shepard’s, the legal publishing arm of McGraw-Hill, and held various senior management positions at LexisNexis, the world’s largest provider of online professional information. He has a BA in public communications from Boston University and a JD and MBA from Tulane University, where he also served as associate dean at the law school for 10 years.

Michael Shepard, Chairman of the Board

Michael Shepard

Chairman of the Board

Michael Shepard is a cofounder of the company. He speaks frequently at industry events and has published more than 100 papers and books on topics such as reinvention of the utility business model, ultra-efficient drivepower and lighting systems, innovative financing schemes for energy conservation, and profitable strategies for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael serves on the advisory board for Avista Utilities’ energy-efficiency program and the judging panel for Platts’ Global Energy Awards. He also chairs the board of the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition, an international development organization focused on innovative energy and resource solutions for developing economies. Prior to cofounding E Source, Michael directed the energy program at Rocky Mountain Institute and worked at the Electric Power Research Institute and the New Mexico Solar Energy Association. He holds a BS with distinction in natural resource conservation from Cornell University and a master’s in energy and resources from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kenneth Black, Co-Chairman

Kenneth Black


Kenneth Black is focused on executive customer relations, industry conference presentations, industry partnerships, and utility strategic thought leadership. Formerly the president of E Source, he has been with the company since 2001 and has worked in the electric and gas utility industry for more than 30 years, having extensive knowledge in the areas of demand-side management (DSM), marketing, market research, customer care, business and economic development, account management, and energy services.

Ken has hands-on experience managing utility DSM and marketing departments. He has worked on both sides of the utility customer meter, including auditing facilities as well as designing programs and launching new value-add products and services for utilities and energy service companies.  He leads the company’s research into new utility customer strategy and business models.  He has written many articles and reports and presented at numerous conferences.

In addition to utilities, Ken worked closely with energy and facility managers from Fortune 500 companies. He has deep expertise in the energy needs, profiles, and technologies for the large commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors and has consulted with national companies in energy management and procurement strategies.

Before joining E Source, Ken was a founding partner of Public Energy Services LLC, an energy management and consulting group, where he helped utilities develop energy service businesses as well as manage sales and delivery capabilities for energy services. He has also served as director of marketing and business development for Entergy Integrated Solutions Inc. and as manager of marketing for PECO (now Exelon). An active member of industry committees and associations, Ken has a BA in biology and an MBA in marketing from Temple University.

Jay Stein, Senior Fellow

Jay Stein

Senior Fellow

Jay Stein is focused on expertise development, research skills development, quality control, new product development, and technology assessment. Jay is also a specialist in HVAC, high-tech industrial process technologies, and the IT industry. He was the project director for the E Source Multi-Client Studies “Delivering Energy Services to Semiconductor and Related High-Tech Industries” and “Delivering Energy Services to Internet Hotels and Other High-Density Electronic Loads.”

Over Jay’s 25-year career in the twin fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy, he has designed utility demand-side management programs, advanced HVAC systems, and solar thermal collectors. He has also authored and coauthored more than 100 technical papers, magazine articles, and book chapters. Before joining E Source in 1996, Jay cofounded E-Cube Inc., an energy consulting firm specializing in building energy analysis and commissioning. He has a BS in agricultural engineering from Rutgers University.

Gary Sunshine, Board Member

Gary Sunshine

Board Member

Gary Sunshine joined E Source in 1996 and successively worked in sales, sales management, and marketing. Previously, he spent 20 years in various sales and sales management positions at McGraw‑Hill. Gary has successfully led a variety of sales automation, customer relationship management, and sales process initiatives in the course of his career. He has a bachelor of science in advertising from the journalism school at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Wayne Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Greenberg is responsible for developing and implementing high-level strategies, making corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. He has been on the board since 2007. 

In the 1990s, Wayne piloted E Source to a position on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies prior to the sale of the company in 1999. Since that time, he has been CEO of several companies, all in the energy information sector. Those companies include Architectural Energy Corp., a green buildings firm (now part of Carrier Corp.); WellDog, a venture-backed data company servicing natural gas extraction; and several portfolio companies under Enertech Capital Partners, a pioneer in energy investing, for which he has been an adviser since 1998.

Wayne currently chairs a drone-enabled agricultural data start-up, Agribotix, and is the chairman of the mediation and dispute-resolution nonprofit CDR Associates. He was one of the founding board members of the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association and on the association’s behalf, in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, was the founding director of the Cleantech Fellows Institute.

Prior to focusing on energy, Wayne served as president of Shepard’s, the legal publishing arm of McGraw-Hill, and held various senior management positions at LexisNexis, the world’s largest provider of online professional information. He has a BA in public communications from Boston University and a JD and MBA from Tulane University, where he also served as associate dean at the law school for 10 years.

Chris Doyle

Chief Operating Officer

Chris oversees Operations at E Source, a group of disparate departments including Business Technology, Software Development, Portfolio Management, Human Resources, and Facilities. His focus is to blend all of Operations with the mission of E Source and utilize the talented people he works with to push past the expected.

Chris brings more than 30 years of leadership, software development, business technology, and project management experience to the team. He has written software for Bell Labs, Medtronic, and Honeywell Commercial Aviation, among others, and has managed technology teams in numerous sectors. Chris studied theater at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Judy Lindenmeyer

Chief Financial Officer

Judy Lindenmeyer oversees financial operations for the business. She joined E Source as a bookkeeper while she was pursuing an MS in accounting at Colorado University in Denver. After completing her degree, she was promoted to controller and then to director of finance for the company. Before joining E Source, Judy worked for Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy and as accounting manager there, helped to grow the organization from 1 to 12 multistate locations. She began her career as a bookkeeper for Wild Oats Markets. In addition to her MS, Judy has a BA in biology from Hartwick College and is a licensed CPA with a Chartered Global Management Accountant designation.

Matthew Burks

Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Products, E Source

Matthew Burks oversees new product development, strategic partnerships, and corporate strategy for E Source. His years advising North America’s largest utilities support a robust understanding of the connections between energy, technology, society, and policy. Matthew is an industry thought leader in the rapidly evolving electric and gas utility sectors, with a vision for innovating energy-related products and services and an extensive knowledge of customer experience. He focuses a behavioral lens on energy consumers and takes a holistic view of utility markets, disruptive technologies, and new business models. A nationally recognized speaker on energy technology, product innovation, policy and society, and customer experience strategy, Matthew has spoken at conferences for Edison Electric Institute, American Gas Association, American Public Power Association, and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, among others. He has also authored articles on Energy Central, American Gas magazine, and FierceEnergy, and his work has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Intelligent Utility magazine, and other respected publications. Closely tied to the cleantech community, Matthew serves as a department chair for the Energy Fellows Institute, a regional chair for the Cleantech Open, and an advisor to early-stage energy-related start-ups. He holds an MA in environmental management from Duke University and a BA from Cornell University.

Mike Hildebrand

Vice President, Sales

Mike leads the North American E Source Sales team, which offers a variety of leading-edge solutions in the form of memberships, tools, best-practice information, and consulting to the energy industry. Customers include electric and gas utilities, water utilities, energy solution providers, third-party implementers, and Fortune 500 companies. Mike has broad and tenured experience in the energy industry, having been responsible for sales, corporate strategic planning, key account and small and midsize business customer strategy, and new-product development efforts at both regulated and non-regulated utilities. Before joining E Source, he worked with Integrys Energy Group, which comprises six midwestern utility companies, including WPS in Green Bay and Peoples Gas in Chicago. At Integrys, he was responsible for creating and managing the customer experience and strategy for business customers of all sizes. He helped create business call centers, restructure account management organizations, develop products and services, and create and implement a robust business segmentation model; was active with state and local business associations; and helped shape energy-efficiency programs. Mike holds a BA in business administration and a BS in computer science from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and is a certified new product development professional.

Kym Wootton

Vice President, Marketing

Kym Wootton and her team are responsible for E Source’s marketing, event management, corporate communications, member engagement, and brand management. She has extensive experience in content marketing, lead generation, customer experience, social media strategies, and corporate branding. Before joining E Source, Kym was the director of marketing for an online publishing company. She also has several years of experience in strategic partnership, audio and video production, event planning, and project management. Kym has a BA in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado.

E Source has assembled a prestigious group of market-recognized and distinguished former and current energy industry executives. This advisory board is the executive committee providing guidance and thought leadership to both E Source and the energy utility market in general. Their wisdom, dynamic insight, innovative advice, and utility experience will influence E Source decisions about research, strategy, and market direction. Their unbiased opinions provide wide perspectives as well as wise counsel on big-picture issues.

E Source advisory board member Charles Bayless

Charles Bayless

Charles Bayless is a retired utility executive and lecturer on energy policy, climate change, and ocean acidification. He was one of the first utility leaders to recognize the promise of distributed generation as a less risky and cleaner alternative to investment in large, conventional central-station generation. Until June 2008, he was president and provost of the West Virginia University Institute of Technology. Bayless has been chairman, president, and CEO of both Tucson Electric Power (UniSource Energy) and Illinois Power (Illinova Corp.). From 1981 to 1989, he was a senior vice president and CFO of Public Service of New Hampshire. Before that, he was employed by Consumers Power (now Consumers Energy) as an attorney, then as director of Nuclear Fuel Supply, and finally as Director of Special Corporate Projects. Bayless has served on the boards of more than 15 organizations, including the Ontario Power Authority, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the Edison Electric Institute.

E Source advisory board member Ralph Cavanagh

Ralph Cavanagh

Ralph Cavanagh is senior attorney and co-director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC’s) energy program. He has been with the NRDC since 1979 and served for 10 years as a member of the US Secretary of Energy’s advisory board (1993 to 2003). His focus over the past 30 years has been the role of electric and natural gas utilities and the opportunity to transform them into the economy’s most important clean energy investors, with special emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Cavanagh has won multiple awards, including the Heinz Award for Public Policy, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Mary Kilmarx Award, the Yale Law School’s Preiskel-Silverman Fellowship, the NW Energy Coalition’s Headwaters Award, and the Bonneville Power Administration’s Award for Exceptional Public Service. He has been a leader in implementing the notion that environmental solutions should contribute to the bottom line of polluting businesses, which traditional regulations prevented. Cavanagh’s unparalleled success in persuading regulators of the merits of this once unorthodox view helped to prove that utility regulatory reform is viable and yields substantial environmental gains. He has used public policy in an exemplary way to bring about positive, widespread changes in existing regulations and practices. Although Cavanagh didn’t invent the idea of aligning utility shareholder and societal interests, he did prove it could be implemented on a large scale.

Photo of John Di Stasio, member of the E Source advisory board

John Di Stasio

John Di Stasio has been president of the Large Public Power Council (LPPC) since August 2014. He was formerly the general manager and CEO of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). While with SMUD, his accomplishments included offering some of the lowest electricity rates in California and improving reliability. He was also instrumental in securing a $127.5 million grant from the US Department of Energy to pursue a smart grid infrastructure project. Di Stasio is the past president of both the Northwest Public Power Association and the California Municipal Utility Association and the vice chair of the LPPC. He was a board member of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the American Public Power Association and a member of the North American Electric Reliability Corp.’s Members Representative Committee. Di Stasio was also a gubernatorial appointee to the California Workforce Investment Board and was named Electric Light & Power magazine’s 2013 large utility CEO of the Year. He’s also active in international energy issues, serving as a delegate with the United States Energy Association (USEA), where he assisted in electrification, operations, and energy market development in countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Botswana, India, and Jordan. He was named 2013 Volunteer of the Year by the USEA.

E Source advisory board member Julia Hamm

Julia Hamm

Julia Hamm has 15 years of experience advising and collaborating with utilities, manufacturers, and government agencies on renewable-energy and energy-efficiency strategies and programs. The knowledge and experience she’s gained as president and CEO of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) since 2004 makes her one of the world’s foremost experts on the nexus between utilities and solar energy. She guides and oversees all of SEPA’s research, education, and collaboration activities for its more than 1,000 member companies. Julia is an expert on the business models and solar programs of over 400 utilities throughout the US as well as in Europe and Asia. Prior to joining SEPA, she worked for ICF International, where she supported the US Environmental Protection Agency’s implementation of the Energy Star program. Julia has a degree from Cornell University.

E Source advisory board member Sue Kelly

Sue Kelly

Sue Kelly has been president and CEO of the American Public Power Association (APPA) since April 2014. One of her first challenges as APPA’s leader is to guide the association’s efforts to influence the US Environmental Protection Agency’s power sector climate policy in a way that acknowledges the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining the financial health of public power. Prior to becoming president and CEO, she was APPA’s senior vice president of policy analysis and general counsel. In that capacity, she helped APPA and its members formulate energy policy and advocate for legislation before FERC, federal courts, and other governmental and industry policy forums. From 1998 to 2004, Kelly was a principal with the Washington, DC, law firm of Miller, Balis & O’Neil, PC. She represented cooperatively and publicly owned electric utilities and their trade associations, as well as other governmental entities, assisting them with restructuring-related issues before FERC, federal appellate courts, and state public utility commissions. From 1995 to 1998, Kelly served as the senior regulatory counsel for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). She represented NRECA before FERC, state public utility commissions, and courts, and served as a liaison between NRECA and industry groups. In March 2008, she was appointed to a one-year term on the US Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee, tasked with helping define a strategy for modernizing the country’s electricity delivery infrastructure. She assisted with the drafting of its final report, “Keeping the Lights On in a New World” (January 2009). In April 2010, Kelly was elected president of the Energy Bar Association. In November 2010, Public Utilities Fortnightly named her one of its “Groundbreaking Lawyers of 2010.”

E Source advisory board member Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is the former chairman of the board for Duke Energy. Prior to being elected chairman in January 2007, he served as Duke’s president and CEO from April 2006 until his retirement on July 1, 2013. In his 25 years as a chairman and CEO of Public Service Indiana, Cinergy, and Duke, Rogers has been a leading force for innovation in utility business models and the transition to a more climate-friendly energy economy. In 2009, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world, citing his capacity to dramatically increase the production of electricity from renewable energy. Over that period, he delivered an average total shareholder return of more than 12 percent per year by focusing on sustainable growth and executing a series of well-timed mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. In 2013, Rogers was awarded the Edison Electric Institute’s Distinguished Leadership Award by his industry peers in recognition of his decades of service and exemplary contributions to the electric utility industry. In addition, the Alliance to Save Energy honored Rogers with its Lifetime Achievement Award. He became president and CEO of Duke Energy following the merger between Duke Energy and Cinergy in 2006. Before the merger, he served as Cinergy’s chairman and CEO for more than 11 years. Prior to the formation of Cinergy, he joined PSI Energy in 1988 as the company’s chairman, president, and CEO. He has served as deputy general counsel for litigation and enforcement for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC); executive vice president of interstate pipelines for the Enron Gas Pipeline Group; and partner in the Washington, DC, law office of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. Prior to those appointments, Rogers served as assistant to the chief trial counsel at FERC; as a law clerk for the Supreme Court of Kentucky; and as assistant attorney general for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where he advocated for the state’s consumers in gas, electric, and telephone rate cases.

E Source advisory board member Scott Ungerer

Scott Ungerer

Scott Ungerer has been a visionary and recognized leader in venture capital investing for the traditional and advanced energy sectors for nearly 20 years. He’s also one of the few with an extensive and proven investment and management operations history. Scott looks for opportunities that reduce the cost and improve the customer experience related to all aspects of energy supply, delivery, and usage. His specific areas of interest and expertise include companies that sell into the following industry sectors: central and distributed power generation; electric transmission; electric, natural gas, and water distribution; energy management for the customer premise; broadly defined intelligent grid; and transportation. Scott has worked with more than 15 early- to mid-stage companies, providing both strategic and operational guidance as a board member and investor. He is a chairman of the Industrial Internet Consortium SmartGrid TestBed Program’s advisory group and a former board member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. He also chairs the VC advisory board for the National Renewable Energy Lab and is a member of both the Battelle Energy advisory council and the Cleantech VentureNetwork advisory board. Prior to EnerTech, Scott spent 16 years in the power industry as an operating executive with Atlantic Energy, culminating in his role as one of five senior officers and as president and COO of the entire set of the company’s non-regulated enterprises. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Princeton University.

Business sustainability practices are inherent in our company culture. Whether it’s fundraising and volunteering for local nonprofits, working toward B Corp certification, or diverting waste from the local landfill via recycling and composting, E Source employees strive each day to reduce the company’s negative impact on the triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit.

As a company, we’ve begun the process of providing greater transparency. The information on this page is the first step toward communicating to the public our efforts at becoming a sustainable enterprise. We’d love your feedback, so drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing.