As a flurry of unfamiliar acronyms flew through the air, we absorbed all we could about the forefront of energy innovation. The four of us, all engineering students at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, spent the last week of our winter break externing at E Source. Externs are different from interns in that we shadow people while they do their jobs, whereas interns perform job assignments in an apprenticeship role.

In the first half of the week, we enjoyed a variety of disciplines—from technology to marketing to customer experience—but we ended our experience working with demand-side management (DSM).

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We sat in as the E Source DSM team prepared for the DSM Roundup: Innovative Residential Programs web conference on February 8. Having collected 55 new and innovative ideas from the past year, the team was in the final stages of narrowing down the list to the top five programs.

E Source hosts two DSM Roundups a year, one focused on commercial programs and the other on residential programs. The team accumulates innovative programs from utilities around the country and shares the best in a series of five-minute presentations. By sitting in on the final culling, we observed how the DSM team identified the cream of the crop. E Source ensured representation from a wide variety of programs and geographic regions—from educating real-estate agents in Massachusetts to selectively charging electric vehicles in California. The DSM team placed a heavy emphasis on showcasing programs that produced clear results, and by doing so, they went beyond introducing fresh ideas. Instead, the DSM Roundup gives insight into new programs that have proved to work.

Stock photo of a woman with colorful innovative ideas coming from her tablet

Visit the E Source website to register for the web conference. If you’re unable to join us live, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST on February 8, we will post the slides with a recording of the event afterwards. To learn even more about the next big things in energy efficiency, be sure to check out the upcoming Tech Roundup on February 22, which will highlight today’s most promising emerging technologies.