The increasing availability of building energy information from interval meters, modern networked controls, and technologies such as energy information systems provides great opportunities for improving operational efficiency. There is no shortage of tools and methods for analyzing that data are available, but with so many options, facility managers and utility program managers are often left wondering where to start. What data are required for proactive energy management? Which analyses should be performed, and how frequently? How robust are commercial tools that automate advanced energy analyses, such as savings calculations, load forecasting, and anomaly detection?

This web conference will give an overview of recent research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) that addresses some of these questions, including:

  • The development and release of the Energy Information Handbook
  • An evaluation of the accuracy of baseline algorithms used to compute whole-building energy savings
  • Highlights of newly initiated research to understand the energy and cost saving benefits of energy information systems


Jessica Granderson, Research Scientist, Building Technology and Urban Systems Department, LBNL.
Dr. Granderson is a member of the Commercial Buildings and Lighting research groups at LBNL. She holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of California–Berkeley, and an AB in mechanical engineering from Harvard University. Her research focuses on intelligent lighting controls and building energy performance monitoring and diagnostics.

You will learn:

  • How to use the Energy Information Handbook to implement proven energy efficiency strategies.
  • The most accurate methodologies for calculating whole-building energy savings.
  • The energy- and cost-savings benefits of various energy-information system software platforms.

Who should attend:
Utility energy-efficiency program managers and engineers, utility account managers for major commercial and industrial accounts, efficiency stakeholders, and members of the E Source Energy Managers’ Network.

For more information about attending this event, please contact Customer Service or call 1-800-ESOURCE.