A customer journey map is one of the most powerful tools a company can use to understand how its customers experience the organization. Executed properly, journey maps will not only capture the journeys a customer goes through as they interact with a company, but it will also help the company identify critical customer touchpoints and its customers’ emotional perceptions of the organization. While utilities have traditionally used journey mapping for customer service–related transactions, more and more utilities are taking journey mapping across the organization, especially applying it to demand-side management (DSM) programs and initiatives where thousands of customer interactions occur each month.

By journey-mapping DSM programs, utilities can:

  • Gain external perspectives of program requirements and processes
  • Identify program attributes that contribute to positive customer experiences and call out customer pain points to inform program improvements
  • Inform more-cost-effective program design by identifying gaps with customer expectations
  • Increase program enrollment and participation by aligning programs with customer needs
  • Position organizational customer experience initiatives to correspond with DSM initiatives

Join E Source for this one-hour web conference, where we’ll provide an overview of journey mapping and explain how it applies to DSM. Then hear a case study from LG&E and KU about how the utility has identified and implemented customer-facing improvements by mapping an appliance-recycling and incentive program. Learn how LG&E and KU brought together a cross-functional improvement team to launch customer experience journey mapping and how the practice is helping to better align DSM services with customer care services and bring attention to the complete customer experience in decision-making and company initiatives.


Rachel Reiss Buckley, Director, Customer Solutions, E Source
Lisa Keels, Manager, Energy Efficiency Operations, LG&E and KU

Who should attend:

Anyone responsible for interacting with customers at utility organizations. Whether you’ve tried journey mapping before or are brand new to the exercise, this web conference will provide insights into how to take your customer touchpoints to the next level.

Demand-side management professionals working with or encouraging customers to participate in energy-efficiency or demand-response programs.

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).