The politics around the drive to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions varies based on your geographic location. New policies are taking shape on multiple regulatory fronts. We’ll begin this web conference with a synopsis of U.S. carbon policy at the state, regional, and federal levels. We’ll discuss the outlook for carbon policy in the near and intermediate term and how it could affect our clients.

Drawing on our clients’ experiences as well as from closely watching the rest of the market, we’ll also discuss our observations of the current enterprise carbon management landscape. You’ll learn how companies are approaching the internal and external pressures that they’re facing to reduce environmental footprints and how the market is addressing public disclosure of environmental key performance indicators (KPIs). We’ll explore strategies for setting sustainability goals, making progress on key initiatives, and tracking that progress.

This web conference is designed for a wide swath of the corporate and utility worlds—those who are involved in GHG measurement, reporting and management, and sustainability strategy. It’s intended to be open and interactive, so come prepared with your specific questions.

Make plans to join us so you don’t miss out on this overview of trends and movements in the areas of GHGs and sustainability.


Dr. Kevin Vranes, senior product manager for GHG Management at E Source, has more than a decade of experience working on GHG and climate-change issues. He has worked with numerous corporations and utilities on GHG management (inventories, auditing, and reporting), carbon risk, supply chain emissions and life-cycle assessments, and project analysis. He was a senior legislative staffer in the Washington, D.C., office of Senator Ron Wyden, where he worked on energy and environmental legislation, including the Energy Policy Act of 2005. He holds a PhD in geophysics (physical oceanography, climatology, and atmospheric sciences) from Columbia University, and he was a Public Policy Fellow of Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs.

You will learn:

  • The current and future U.S. carbon policy landscape
  • Where the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders program stands today and where U.S. companies will head next
  • Trends and issues in publicly reporting GHG inventories
  • Our analysis of enterprise GHG management offerings
  • What the leaders are doing and the laggards are not doing in GHG and sustainability
  • Whether GHG intensity performance really drives stock prices

Who should attend:

All E Source members and the public are welcome to attend, especially corporate sustainability managers and executives, corporate energy managers, and utility key account managers.