Join Us for E Source Forum 2015, October 13–16, 2015

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us for the 2015 E Source Forum. The Forum brings together more than 400 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used.

In addition to offering insights on advancing the use and adoption of energy-efficiency programs, we’ll provide practical information aimed at helping utilities improve and enhance their customer relationships. Check out video highlights from last year's opening plenary!

The Forum doesn’t just keep you current on today’s trends, best practices, and critical issues. It’s also known for creating a unique atmosphere that fosters collaboration and peer networking in a friendly, collegial environment.

In addition to the informative sessions, we’ll be hosting an exhibit that will showcase a selection of energy-related technologies and products. Breaks in the exhibit area will help facilitate new and renewed business relationships among attendees and exhibitors.

If you have questions about this meeting, please contact Customer Service.

Who Can Attend?

The E Source Forum is open to utility professionals, energy service providers, and government representatives.

Energy industry implementers and vendors may attend the Forum as exhibitors or sponsors. For more information, please visit our exhibitor or sponsor page, contact Customer Service, or call 1-800-ESOURCE.

Opening Plenary: Chutes and Ladders

Utilities are being buffeted by disruptive change—from shifting customer expectations, environmental pressures, competition from new market entrants, and rapidly evolving technologies—against a backdrop of flat revenues and rising costs. Some are in denial; most are trying to become greener, more customer-focused, and nimble. But internal inertia and a slow-moving regulatory framework are hampering their ability to innovate. And when they try something new, such as proposing ways to promote distributed solar, hostile stakeholders or skeptical regulators may send them back to square one, like a game of Chutes and Ladders. We’ve invited some dynamic and visionary industry leaders to help us explore the challenges and opportunities presented by these changes.

Moderator: Jim Rogers, Former Chairman and CEO, Duke Energy
Moderator: Michael Shepard, Chairman, E Source
Elisabeth Brinton, Vice President, Corporate Strategy Officer, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Ralph Cavanagh, Co-director, Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
John Di Stasio, President, Large Public Power Council
Joe Jankosky, Director, IntelligentHome New Verticals, Time Warner Cable

Advancing Customer Experience in the Utility Industry


The energy industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift. Once an industry that asked “Why should we care about customer experience in regulated markets?”, utilities have now started asking “How can we create a seamless experience for our customers?” And customers, accustomed to seamless experiences provided by companies like Amazon and Uber, have unprecedented expectations for service. In this session, you’ll hear groundbreaking success stories from utility customer experience executives and practitioners.

Moderator: Maureen Russolo, Vice President, Customer Experience Consulting, E Source
Wayne Calder, Director, Customer Experience, ENMAX
Matt Charron, Manager, Customer Experience Process Improvement, Duke Energy
Jeff Esserman, Director, Customer Satisfaction, Ameren
Connie McIntyre, Vice President, Customer Experience, AGL Resources

Increased Pressure for DSM Performance: The Coming Storm


Demand-side management (DSM) programs have largely met the goals set out for them over the past decade, but pressure is mounting from many new fronts: increased appliance standards, competition with solar for the customer’s attention, new regulatory frameworks like New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision, carbon regulations, and a wide variety of third-party vendors pushing into homes and businesses. Find out what leading utilities are doing to prepare for these new pressures, learn how they’re integrating their DSM strategies with other utility initiatives, and explore what programs of the future might look like.

Moderator: Bill LeBlanc, Chief Instigation Agent, E Source
Jan Berman, Senior Director, Energy-Efficiency Strategy Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Bonnie Donnolly, Manager, Energy Efficiency, Alliant Energy
Michael Harrington, Section Manager, Market Research & Analytics, Con Edison

Marketing Strategies That Sell Energy Efficiency


Want to learn how to effectively target customers’ interests to drive participation and increase energy savings in your service territory? How can you use customer data to unveil the tactics, messages, and channels that are most effective for which market segment? Join us for this invigorating session on using customer insights to drive more-engaging and more-profitable interactions with your residential and business customers.

Moderator: Rachel Cooper, Lead Analyst, Market Research Services, E Source
Mark Jewell, CEO, Energy Efficiency Funding Group
Wayne Lin, Vice President, Product Management, Opower

Unraveling the Smart Home: Technologies, Trends, and Opportunities


Smart home devices, ecosystems, and services are poised to enter the mainstream, bringing with them myriad energy-efficiency and load management opportunities. We’ll discuss the latest developments in this space, look at how it seems likely to evolve going forward, and outline strategies to help utilities best leverage this burgeoning market.

Moderator: Chris Moyer, Engagement Manager, E Source
Claire Miziolek, Market Strategies Program Manager, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
Essie Snell, Research Manager, Technology, E Source
Bethany Sparn, Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dispelling Common Residential DR Myths


Residential demand-response (DR) programs—including dynamic pricing, smart thermostats, and behavioral or voluntary DR—are gaining popularity as a way to engage customers and reduce load, but most of these programs are still in the pilot phase and several widely held myths persist. Our expert panel will explore these programs and attempt to dispel these myths. Attendees will gain a new perspective on residential DR, free from the misconceptions that are keeping the industry from realizing its full potential.

Moderator: Michael Colby, Senior Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Erik Krause, Director, Customer Retail Strategy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Elody Samuelson, Program Manager, Smart Energy Efficiency Solutions, Consumers Energy
Sanem Sergici, Senior Associate, Brattle Group

How Utilities Can Drive EV Initiatives (and Avoid Potholes)


Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly establishing a foothold in the market and offer numerous opportunities for utilities—from revenue generation to demand response and energy storage. In this session, we’ll discuss the latest EV technologies, trends, and innovative programs.

Moderator: Essie Snell, Research Manager, Technology, E Source
James Ellis, Director, Utility Solutions, ChargePoint
Blair Farley, Research Engineer, Southern Company
Logan Jacobson, Associate Analyst, Technology, E Source
Meredith Ledbetter, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Russ Shaver, Consulting Engineer, Austin Energy
Eric Van Orden, Product Developer, Xcel Energy

Positioning Your Utility for the Connected Home


The competition among connected-home service providers to capture the mindshare of your customers is heating up. This presents a dilemma for utilities: partner with third-party providers to offer these added-value services, build your own program, or steer clear of the fray. We’ll discuss the opportunities for utilities in this market and explore the potential benefits. Can a stake in the connected-home market deliver new sources of utility revenue, increase energy-efficiency and demand-response program participation, deepen relationships with customers, and improve engagement?

Moderator: Ken Black, Co-Chairman, E Source
Corey Chao, Innovation Manager, Reliant
Joe Jankosky, Director, IntelligentHome New Verticals, Time Warner Cable
Curtis Snyder, Executive Director, New Business Development, Comcast Cable

Using Employee and Customer Insights to Fuel CX Excellence


Voice-of-the-customer and voice-of-the-employee programs can be potent tools for improving customer experience. But to be successful, they have to go beyond collecting feedback. Come learn about the strategies companies use to capture, analyze, distribute, and act on the information they receive from their customers and employees.

Moderator: Maureen Russolo, Vice President, Customer Experience Consulting, E Source
Win Blair, Marketing Research Analyst, Customer Experience, Southern Company
Sandra Broughton, Director, Customer Experience Business Office, AGL Resources
Tony Bustamante, Manager, Marketing, ComEd

Chat with a Utility CEO

Ever wished you could discuss hot industry issues with top utility leaders in an informal setting? Want to better understand how to get your ideas and initiatives noticed and supported by senior management? Here’s your chance to talk turkey with three visionary former utility CEOs, each of whom serves on E Source’s advisory board.

Moderator: Ken Black, Co-Chairman, E Source
Charles Bayless, Former Chairman and CEO, Tucson Electric Power and Illinois Power
John Di Stasio, Former CEO, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, President, Large Public Power Council
Jim Rogers, Former Chairman and CEO, Duke Energy

Can You Find It? A Best-Practice Guide to Redesigning Websites


Is your website built with customers in mind? How do your customers perceive and interact with it? Are the features within your site easy to find and use? In this session, we’ll take a look at the current state of utility websites. You’ll find out how your website compares to others in the utility industry, what the website best practices and pitfalls to avoid are based on our Review of North American Electric and Gas Company Residential Websites: 2015, and get inspiration for redesigning or enhancing your website from a utility professional.

Lori Geoffroy, Director, Digital Strategy, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Haley Kaiser, Associate Analyst, Market Research Services, E Source

Leveraging Trade Ally Networks to Enhance Lift and Range

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Wishing you could engage your contractor network to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of energy savings? We’ll get the inside scoop from one investor-owned and one publicly owned utility that are using relationships with their trade ally networks to meet their own needs as well as the needs of contractors and customers.

Moderator: Katie Ryder, Senior Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Bob Macauley, Trade Relations Manager, Xcel Energy
Adam Maxwell, Director, New Product Development, Strategy & New Products, E Source
Frank Rapley, Senior Manager, EnergyRight Solutions for the Home, Tennessee Valley Authority

Moving Beyond Multicultural Marketing to a Total-Market Strategy


Major brands like Walmart, Toyota, and Coca-Cola have reframed their approach for reaching diverse customer bases. They’ve moved from “multicultural” marketing to a “total-market” strategy. This session explores why the future of connecting with this audience lies in creating campaigns that go beyond just translating your message and showcasing inclusive imagery to smart segmentation and meaningful outreach. We’ll examine how a shift in thinking to incorporating cultural context and targeted marketing can help utilities drive program participation and customer engagement.

Moderator: Sarah Howie, Senior Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Leanne Sallenback, EEC Program Manager, Conservation Education and Outreach, FortisBC
Diane Tasaka, Principal Manager, Public Education and Communications Quality Assurance, Southern California Edison

The Impacts of Tunable LEDs: From Cannabis Growth to DSM Measure Persistence


In our rapidly evolving lighting landscape, the biggest challenge, and opportunity, may be the increasing sophistication of tunable LEDs—that is, LED products with an adjustable color temperature that can bring health and productivity benefits to human-centric lighting and bring both efficiency and load growth to horticultural applications such as indoor cannabis growing operations and vertical farms. During this session, we’ll discuss the potential impacts of tunable LEDs on the lighting market and answer the question: Should utilities start preparing now for a tunable future?

Moderator: Mary Horsey, Associate Director, Technology, E Source
Ira Krepchin, Senior Advisor, Technology, E Source
Stan Walerczyk, Principal, Lighting Wizards

E Source Member Success Sessions

Many of you don’t know about all the E Source tools and resources that you have access to. Let us help you do your jobs better and ensure that your organization captures maximum return on its investment in E Source. In this hour, we’ll conduct five concurrent user-group sessions. Each will demonstrate how your peers are leveraging E Source databases, market research, planning tools, and other resources across their organizations. We’ll also provide usage tips and give you the chance to provide input on the future direction of E Source offerings. Choose from training sessions in these five areas:

  • Customer experience
  • Marketing
  • DSM programs and technologies
  • Account management
  • Resources for DSM Solution Providers

Electrify Your DSM Portfolio!

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In this lightning-round session, we’ll highlight DSM programs and technologies (submitted by utilities from across the US and Canada as their most innovative DSM initiatives) that elicited the most oohs and aahs from E Source staff. From new incentive structures and creative delivery strategies to up-and-coming measures that promise to deliver huge savings, these innovative electric programs and technologies will be sure to spark new ideas for your DSM portfolio.

Moderator: Kate Merson, Associate Director, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Beth Fitzjarrald, Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Julie Herman, Business Line Manager, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Adam Maxwell, Director, New Product Development, Strategy & New Products, E Source
David Podorson, Business Line Manager, Technology Assessment, E Source
Essie Snell, Research Manager, Technology, E Source
Jay Stein, Fellow, E Source
Tim Stout, Senior Fellow, E Source
Courtney Welch, Senior Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source

Engagement Strategies for Hard-to-Reach Businesses


No matter the size of their company, business customers expect tailored and personalized outreach geared toward their specific needs. How do successful utilities reach out to this group of vast, fragmented, and busy customers? Come learn how to break down the barriers to reaching small and midsize businesses (SMBs)—once declared a segment too hard to reach—as well as larger businesses that have ignored previous outreach attempts. This session highlights the cost-effective tools and tactics utilities are using to get both the elusive SMB and large commercial and industrial markets to finally say “yes.”

Moderator: Florence Connally, Associate Director, Research Inquiry, E Source
Andrew McCabe, Manager, Business Programs EE/PDR, AEP Ohio
Geoff Phillips, Customer Engagement Supervisor, Eversource
Jennifer Shum, Marketing Product Development Specialist, BC Hydro

Harnessing the Power of Change to Improve Your Customer Experience


Today’s utility industry is facing massive and unprecedented forces of change. From distributed generation to deregulation, the way energy is generated, distributed, bought, and sold is changing quickly and irreversibly. At the same time, utilities would love it if their customers would change too by signing up for paperless billing, self-service, and energy-efficiency programs. In this dynamic session, you’ll learn to harness the power of change using a research-based, structured change management framework that helps utilities build a positive customer experience.

Eryc Eyl, Senior Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Scott McAllister, Vice President, Prosci Inc.

Step on the Gas!

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Accelerating your therm savings is more than possible with innovative gas efficiency technologies and programs. Using existing and emerging technologies as examples, we’ll explore tools and strategies that you can use to pique your customers’ interest, increase savings, and even create market transformation. Spoiler alert: The energy-efficient ice-resurfacing technology will have you skating to success, so take our advice and sign up for the Pepsi Center tour to learn firsthand how ice is made in the National Hockey League.

Moderator: Mary Horsey, Associate Director, Technology, E Source
Ryan Austin, Associate Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Ryan Kerr, Emerging Technologies Manager, AGL Services Company
Jim Kobialko, Program Manager, Innovative Technologies, FortisBC
Josh Quinnell, Senior Research Engineer, Innovation Exchange, Center for Energy and Environment

Navigating the Tide of Midstream and Upstream Programs


Are you making the most of partnerships with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers? Whether you’re just dipping a toe in the water or are an advanced upstream swimmer, you won’t want to miss this interactive, fuel-blind session. Our experienced panel will facilitate conversations around knowing where to jump in (is midstream or upstream best?), identifying technologies that will float (what measures are appropriate for the market?), and evaluating the current (how is a program’s influence measured?).

Moderator: Tim Stout, Senior Fellow, E Source
Moderator: Melanie Wemple, Research Manager, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Tim Michel, Supervisor of Retail, Distributor, and Trade Alliances, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Rishi Sondhi, Product Manager, Energy Efficiency, Eversource

TechQuake: A Brief Trip to the Future of Energy End-Use Technologies


To paraphrase John Lennon, “Nobody told me there were going to be decades like these.” Energy technologies are changing fast, and our visionary panelists will be scrambling to help you stay ahead of the tsunami. We’ll be talking about cheap batteries; microgrids; heat pump water heaters; smart homes; data-based audits; and a host of other efficiency, demand-response, and distributed energy technologies. Which, if any, will disrupt the grid? What are the barriers to their widespread diffusion? Come, find out what our panel of experts thinks, and share your own ideas.

Moderator: Alanya Schofield, Director, Strategy & New Products, E Source
Aimee Bailey, Resource Planner, City of Palo Alto Utilities
Mangesh Basarkar, Manager, Emerging Technologies and Portfolio Optimizations, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Ryan Fedie, Engineering Manager, Energy Efficiency, Bonneville Power Administration
Fred Gordon, Director, Planning & Evaluation, Energy Trust of Oregon
Lester Shen, Director, Innovative Technologies, Center for Energy and Environment
Jay Stein, Fellow, E Source

Turning Around Pepco, the Most Hated Company in America


Imagine you’ve been asked to turn around the “Most Hated Company in America.” Where do you begin? Blistering press, customer dissatisfaction, and political fallout over service reliability and outage restoration forced Pepco Holdings Inc. to transform its communications strategy. We’ll hear firsthand how the company was able to drastically improve customer satisfaction, in part by re-engineering its communications department and developing integrated strategies to improve day-to-day and storm communications.

Moderator: Kim Burke, Director, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Laura Monica, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Pepco Holdings Inc.
MaryBeth Vrees, Director, Customer Communications and Marketing, Pepco Holdings Inc.

Car Chase: Pursuing a $100 Billion Opportunity in Electric Transportation

Electric vehicles are one of the biggest strategic opportunities utilities have had in decades, with the potential to increase utility revenues by 25 percent. Learn why utilities have been slow to promote EVs, why they can’t rely on automakers to get the job done, how this opportunity could evaporate without decisive action, and what utilities can do today to capture this enormous market from oil companies. Come prepared to discuss and debate this provocative topic and to return home with practical ideas for growing your utility’s revenue.

Moderator: Ken Black, Co-chairman, E Source
Michael Shepard, Chairman, E Source