Join Us This Year: September 29 - October 2, 2014
Save the Dates: October 13 - 16, 2015

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us for the 2014 E Source Forum. The Forum brings together more than 400 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used.

In addition to offering insights on advancing the use and adoption of energy-efficiency programs, we’ll provide practical information aimed at helping utilities improve and enhance their customer relationships. 

Forum doesn’t just keep you current on today’s trends, best practices, and critical issues. It’s also known for creating a unique atmosphere that fosters collaboration and peer networking in a friendly, collegial environment. 

In addition to the informative sessions, we’ll be hosting an exhibit that will showcase a selection of energy-related technologies and products. Breaks in the exhibit area will help facilitate new and renewed business relationships among attendees and exhibitors.

Where CX Meets EE: Delivering an Awesome DSM Program Experience


Utility customer experience management has traditionally focused on operational improvements that yield near-term cost-savings. But utility energy-efficiency (EE) programs and trade ally interactions offer a significant and largely untouched opportunity to deliver customer value and build positive associations with the utility brand. We’ll hear from speakers who have streamlined processes, implemented technical solutions, and gone above and beyond to deliver an exceptional EE program experience for customers and contractors alike. You'll come away with fresh ideas for designing and delivering DSM programs from a more holistic, customer-focused perspective.

Kim Burke, Research Director, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Larry Goldstein, Senior Director, Customer Engagement Solutions, Nexant
Hans Schreff, Manager, Conservation Programs, London Hydro

Connecting Customer Experience with Employee Experience

"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers." -- Stephen R. Covey. Research has repeatedly linked employee satisfaction, employee retention, and employee productivity to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability. Find out how utilities have engaged with their employees to deliver exceptional customer experience. Expect plenty of lively debate and disagreement on this hot topic.

Bruce Folsom, Director, Energy-Efficiency Policy, Avista Utilities
Eryc Eyl, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Annemarie Newman, Consumer Program Manager, Alliant Energy
Claudia Rapkoch, Director, Corporate Communications, NorthWestern Energy
Gail Watts, Manager, Customer Communications, PPL Electric Utilities Corp.

Charge It! Advancements in Electric Technologies

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What are the latest developments in the highly charged world of electric energy-efficiency technologies? You’ll get updates on current advancements in LED lighting, air conditioning, non-intrusive monitoring, and more. We guarantee you’ll find this session illuminating.

Spencer Sator, Senior Manager, Technology Assessment, E Source
Jay Stein,
Senior Fellow, E Source
Suzanne Frew, Manager, EE Engineering, Snohomish County PUD
Ira Krepchin, Senior Advisor, E Source
Matt Smith, Project Manager - Emerging Technologies, San Diego Gas and Electric

How Do You Compare to Your Peers Using Social Media?

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The results are in! We’ll share top findings from the E Source 2014 Social Media Survey and reveal what channels utilities are using; how they’re measuring the success of their efforts; and what their staffing, organizational structure, and budgets look like. We’ll also get the inside scoop from two leading utilities on how they’re incorporating social into their digital strategy and what they’re planning to do next. You’ll come away with a solid understanding of the latest industry trends in social media and a plan for how to use this important tool more effectively.

Kim Burke, Research Director, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Haley Kaiser, Associate Analyst, Market Research Services, E Source
Ike Pigott, Communications Strategist, Alabama Power
Kristen Reese, Manager, Digital Communications, Dominion

Givin' 'Em What They Want: Innovations in Commercial Program Delivery and Management


Commercial customers are integral to DSM portfolios, contributing a significant share of cost-effective energy savings. But commercial programs are often complicated and cumbersome, from both the management and participant perspectives. Join us to hear how leading utilities are improving the delivery and management of commercial programs. They’re reaping internal efficiencies with improved tracking and reporting of custom programs while improving customer satisfaction by giving large customers what they truly want. 

Melanie Wemple, Research Manager, Demand-Side Management, E Source
David Schoenberg, Senior Manager, Customer Care Strategy, Pacific Gas and Electric Co
Puja Vohra, Lead Analyst, National Grid US

Games Customers Play

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Gamification seems to be all the rage in customer engagement, but does it really work for utilities? Is getting customers to participate in and recommend energy-efficiency programs all fun and games? Could Candy Crush hold the key to behavior change? Hear from an expert on gamification in the utility industry as well as a utility with first-hand experience, and decide for yourself..

Eryc Eyl, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Billy Draper, Social Media Manager, Xcel Energy
Susan Mazur-Stommen, Director, Behavior & Human Dimensions Program, ACEEE

Solar and Net Metering: Messaging for Your Market


Communicating the value of solar can be complicated, especially considering the complexity of net metering policies around the US. Recent media coverage in states with more solar has only made this challenge more difficult for utilities, which have been accused of “taxing the sun” or worse. We’ll provide an overview of the most current net metering proceedings around the US, as summarized for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory by Tolerable Planet founder Cameron Brooks. Within the context of this policy framework, a panel of utility experts will lead a discussion about successful communications strategies and solar marketing campaigns.

Beth Hartman, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Cameron Brooks, Founder, Tolerable Planet
Thomas Coughlin, Manager of Technical Strategy and Policy, National Grid
Jenna Shaver, Communications Consultant, Renewable Energy, APS
Jennifer Wozniak, Director, Xcel Energy

Cracking the Multifamily Nut: Effective Strategies for Designing Multifamily DSM Programs


Multifamily buildings offer huge energy-savings potential for utilities. Yet, these savings have historically remained untapped due to the unique challenges of engaging multifamily customers. It’s not easy to find the right energy decision-maker; to align owner incentives with efficiency when they may not pay the utility bill; or to get past such large barriers as financing, time, and technical know-how. We’ll feature utilities that have cracked the multifamily DSM nut by targeting the right people with the right incentives and by designing simple and streamlined programs.

Kate Merson, Associate Research Director, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Rachael Fredericks, Program Manager, Multi Family Energy Efficiency Program, PSE&G
Jaime Gomez, Rebate Program Coordinator, Austin Energy
Scott Swearingen, Existing Multifamily Program Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon Inc.

Using Building Analytics to Improve DSM Programs

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Advancements in building analytics open the door for large-scale targeting and engagement with the right customers for the right efficiency and demand-response programs. Discover the results of real-world tests, gain insights into the accuracy and applicability of building and end-use disaggregation, and find out what this means for the future of utility DSM programs.

Tim Stout, Senior Fellow, E Source
Larry Brackney, Section Manager, Sensors, Controls & Analysis Tools, Alliance for Sustainable Energy
David Jacot, Director, Energy Efficiency, LADWP
Amit Kulkarni, Lead Engineer, National Grid US

The Future of Residential Demand Response Is Here


After years of experiments with dynamic pricing and various enabling technologies, utilities are rolling out these demand-response tools on a mass scale. This new generation of programs combines behavioral demand response, smart thermostats, dynamic pricing, and customer choice into models that are compelling for customers and utilities alike. Modern residential demand-response programs also offer greater opportunities for customer engagement, energy savings, and peak reductions.

Jay Stein, Senior Fellow, E Source
Rachel Buckley,
Director, Partner Business Lines, E Source
Ruth Kiselewich,
Director, DSM Programs, Baltimore Gas & Electric
Josh Schellenberg, M.A., Senior Consultant, Nexant

How Can Journey-Mapping Help Improve the Customer Experience?


Maybe your utility has tried its hand at creating customer personas and journey maps, and you feel like it could’ve gone better. Or maybe you have no idea why you’d bother. We’ll reveal just how powerful this process can be with the right tools and show you how utilities are putting maps to work to transform the customer experience.

Eryc Eyl, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Peter Haid, Vice President, Business Line Management, E Source
Bryan Surface, Executive Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales, Touchpoint Dashboard

From Pipe Dream to Program


What’s the most effective way for a utility to organize itself in order to cultivate a pipeline of new technologies that can rapidly progress from emerging to full program implementation? We don’t have the answer! But we do know several companies that have exemplary teams and processes set up. Come hear from a select few of them and learn how they do it.

Jay Stein, Senior Fellow, E Source
Dave Bisbee, Project Manager, SMUD
Edwin Hornquist, Manager, Emerging DSM TechnologiesProject Manager, Southern California Edison 
James Jerozal, Managing Director Energy Efficiency, Nicor Gas

Portals and Apps: Putting Energy Information and Control at Your Customers' Fingertips

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Utilities have faced challenges in getting customers to pay attention to and control how and when they use energy. Web portals and smartphone apps offer great promise, but it can be hard to know what will appeal to customers. We’ll share E Source research on what they care about and highlight partnership opportunities for motivating engagement. We’ll also hear from a competitive power provider and a regulated utility about the research that fed their portal/app designs, the features and additional devices deemed essential, and customer response. You'll learn how to get people who aren't energy nerds excited about understanding and controlling their energy use and costs.

Lynn Stein, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Relations, E Source
Saurabh Bansal, Director of Innovation and Business Strategy, Reliant Energy
Beth Hartman, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Ken Randazzo, Manager, Energy Optimization and Energy Partnerships, DTE

What’s My Black-Box Technology?


Ever have a vendor pitch you on a black-box technology? You know, the kind where it’s hard to know whether the product actually works or not? We’re going to start by delivering a primer on decoding the claims made about such technologies. Then, in a format reminiscent of a well-known 1960s’ TV show, a panel of experts will attempt to discern the meritorious from the dubious black-box technology sales pitches.

Spencer Sator, Senior Manager, Technology Assessment, E Source
Essie Snell, Research Manager, Technology, E Source
Jay Stein, Senior Fellow, E Source

Engaging SMB Customers: Some Really Cool Ideas


Struggling with what to do for your small and midsized (SMB) business customers? Well, you’re not alone. But a number of utilities have come up with some innovative approaches for improving engagement with their SMB customers. Get inspired by the creative ideas being implemented to better serve and communicate with this hard-to-reach customer segment.

Jan Barrett, Manager, Strategic Telephone Outreach Management, Southern California Edison
Mike Hildebrand, Vice President, Consulting Solutions, E Source
Susan Mendez, Manager, Business Assessments, Duke Energy
Brandi Turner, Energy Innovation Center Manager, SDG&E


Tools for Customer Experience Transformation


Starting your customer experience journey with a blank sheet of paper can be overwhelming, inefficient, and ineffective. E Source customer experience experts will guide you through tools and templates that address customer experience organizational structure, culture, ROI, and persona definition for customer experience in ways that will make your journey quicker and easier.

Florence Connally, Associate Research Director, E Source
Eryc Eyl, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Aleana Reeves, Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Katie Ruiz, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Maureen Russolo, Senior Director, Consulting Solutions, E Source

Channel Surfing: Optimize Your Omnichannel Experience


Whether they contact you on the phone, on your website, via instant messaging, or on social media, today’s utility customers expect a coherent and continuous experience. A customer journey that starts on the website might continue on social media and conclude on the phone. Learn how utilities are orchestrating journeys across all channels to create a seamless, integrated, and consistent experience.

Florence Connally, Associate Research Director, E Source
Dennis Crumb,
President, Washington Web Architects
Andy Higgins, Manager, E-Business & Telecommunications, Vectren

So Happy Together? Collaboration Among Electric, Gas & Water Utilities

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Electric, gas, and water utilities are increasingly looking to each other for ways to capitalize on demand-side management savings opportunities at a fraction of the cost. We’ll give utilities with mature joint programs an opportunity to unveil the details behind their partnerships, including a look at how costs and savings are allocated and best practices in designing lasting partnerships.

Julie Herman, Product Manager, Demand-Side Management Service, E Source
George Malek, Manager, Smart Ideas Energy-Efficiency Portfolio, ComEd
Colin Norman, Program Manager, Portfolio Projects, FortisBC Energy Inc.
Dan Rendler, Director, Customer Programs and Assistance, Southern California Gas

Large Business Customer Panel: The Big Dogs Speak!


Are you serving your largest energy users the way they want to be served? Are you maximizing customer satisfaction? Are you being as efficient and effective as possible? Come prepared to engage with an expert panel of energy managers who will explain what they want and need from their energy service providers to be successful. These Big Dogs won’t bite (we don’t think), but they will give you honest feedback on the good, the bad, and the ugly in the energy services they receive.

Mike Hildebrand, Vice President, Consulting Solutions, E Source
Carol Dollard, Energy Manager, Colorado State University
Michael Elliott, Esq., Executive Director,Marijuana Industry Group
Doug Rath, Director, Energy and Environment / The Americas, Marriott International, Inc. 
Craig Smith, Director, Engineering, Kroenke Sports Enterprises

Filling the Void: The Next Generation of Efficiency Technologies and Strategies


Federal and state efficiency standards and building codes have rendered many of the most commonly tapped efficiency measures no longer eligible for utility rebates. Which new efficiency measures and strategies hold the greatest potential to rapidly fill this void with large-scale, reliable energy savings? We’ll explore the options that offer the most promise and that can be deployed now to help you achieve your goals. We’ll also identify the criteria you’ll need to consider when choosing the best course of action for taking advantage of these opportunities.

Tim Stout, Senior Fellow, E Source
Sue Coakley, Executive Director, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.
Carrie Cobb, Bonneville Power Administration
Melanie Wemple, Research Manager, Demand-Side Management, E Source

CE Metrics: Getting Beyond Customer Satisfaction & the NPS Hype


The utility industry currently defaults to customer satisfaction as its primary customer experience (CE) performance metric, but is customer satisfaction good enough? If not, what alternatives exist and how can utilities use different metrics to support business outcomes? We’ll explore a variety of metrics and methodologies being used inside and outside industry to monitor and deliver optimal customer experiences. We’ll also propose new ways to approach CE metrics that are specific to our industry. Join us for this thought-provoking and controversial session.

Maureen Russolo, Senior Director, Consulting Solutions, E Source

Solving Your Big Gas Problems: Innovations in Gas Technologies & Programs

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As gas programs finish capturing low-hanging fruit and achieving cost-effectiveness gets tougher, it’s important that we bring more winning gas technologies into programs. Come learn how promising gas measures—like condensing rooftop units, HVAC controls, and ozone laundry—are generating cost-effective energy savings and moving from pilots to programs. If you’re involved in delivering gas demand-side management programs, you won’t want to miss this expert session.

Mary Horsey, Associate Product Manager, Technology, E Source 
Ryan Kerr, Emerging Technologies Manager, AGL Services Company Consultants 
Jim Kobialko, EEC Program Manager, Innovative Technologies, FortisBC Energy


Hearing Voices in Utility Marketing


Is there a method to your marketing madness or are you blasting out messages with hope as your primary strategy? Turn your utility into a highly effective marketing machine through segmentation, data analytics, voice-of-customer programs, message testing, and more. You’ll learn how from utilities that have put these essential marketing strategies into practice.

Kristin Vroman, Director, Market Research Services, E Source
Jan Berman, Senior Director, Energy-Efficiency Strategy, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Lori Leiva, Manager, Customer Strategy and Planning, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Andrew McInnes, Director, Product Marketing, Allegiance

Closing Plenary: Innovation and Human-Centered Design: Even Utilities Can Do It

How does Apple keep coming up with groundbreaking devices that blow away the competition? How does Amazon learn what its customers love without ever meeting them? Why does Starbucks look and feel the way it does? These questions can be answered by looking at markets through the lens of “design thinking,” a term coined by the award-winning design firm IDEO. Learn how your utility can use design thinking to transform how you create solutions for customer service, efficiency, and marketing.

Bill LeBlanc, Chief Instigation Agent, E Source
Steve Bishop, Senior Director, Automatic Systems

Opening Plenary: Waking the Beast

The alarms are sounding and the utility industry is waking to the fact that disruptive change is afoot. Customer expectations are shifting, new technologies and new players are rapidly changing the competitive landscape, and the old ways of running utilities simply aren’t sustainable. Although utilities are trying to become greener, more customer-focused, and more nimble, they're hamstrung by internal inertia and a slow-moving regulatory framework that hampers their ability to innovate. Meanwhile, new competitive entrants are making inroads with products and services on turf once controlled by utilities. We'll explore the challenges and opportunities these changes present with some dynamic and visionary industry leaders.

Bill LeBlanc, Chief Instigation Agent, E Source
Michael Shepard, Chairman, E Source
Sue Kelly, President and CEO, American Public Power Association
Jim Rogers, former Chairman and CEO, Duke Energy

Building Value with Business and Residential Customer Segmentation

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Relationships with business and residential customers are changing quickly and utilities are looking for new ways to foster engagement, increase program performance, and improve customer experience, nailing the customer value proposition. In addition to learning about cutting-edge national business and residential customer segmentation, you’ll get to actively address a challenge your utility is having in one of the following areas: program design, marketing strategy, or either business or residential customer experience. You’ll return to work with new perspectives on your customer relationships and a solution to a real challenge your utility is facing!

Chad Garrett, Senior Manager, Consulting Solutions, E Source
Joel Sumner, Client Manager, The Nielsen Company

DSM Peer Roundtables

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After several days of learning from presenters, come share your knowledge and experiences with your peers. We’ll create small groups focused on the same types of programs so that participants can benefit from lessons learned and best practices, and find out how to avoid hazards others have encountered. These roundtables will also help you solidify your network before you leave the Forum. Group topics will include trade ally networks, behavioral programs, multifamily programs, demand-response programs and technologies, solar/distributed generation, smart grid portals, the advent of Internet-connected technology, and communications.

Rachel Buckley, Director, Partner Business Lines, E Source
Bruce Baccei, Energy R&D, HVAC Project Manager, SMUD
Saurabh Bansal, Director of Innovation and Business Strategy, Reliant
Chad Garrett, Senior Manager, Consulting Solutions, E Source
Jaime Gomez, Rebate Program Coordinator, Austin Energy
Bill LeBlanc, Chief Instigation Agent, E Source
Cindy Marzofka, Director, Marketing and Brand Management, SRP
Adam Maxwell, Director, New Product Development, E Source
Kate Merson, Associate Research Director, Demand-Side Management, E Source
Paul Seo, Senior Program Manager, BC Hydro
Jay Stein, Senior Fellow, E Source
Lynn Stein, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Relations, E Source
Scott Swearingen, Existing Multifamily Program Manager, Energy Trust of Oregon
Mike Weedall, Senior Advisor, E Source

Map-Making in Minutes


Get hands-on experience in this interactive journey-mapping workshop. You’ll learn how to quickly capture and evaluate touchpoints and moments of truth, and then stitch them together to form a coherent narrative of the customer experience. Applying what you’ll learn in this exercise will enable you to build understanding throughout your utility, identify opportunities for improvement, and completely reinvent your customer experience.

Eryc Eyl, Analyst, Customer Experience & Marketing, E Source
Peter Haid, Vice President, Business Line Management, E Source
Bryan Surface, Executive Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales, Touchpoint Dashboard