The Beyond the Meter (BTM) Working Group brings together more than 40 leading utilities and vendors to facilitate peer-to-peer networking and collaborative research to move the BTM market forward. The BTM category represents value-added services and products offered through the local utility that increase customer satisfaction and provide new sources of nonusage revenue for the utility. The BTM Working Group scope represents a full year of ongoing research designed specifically to help utilities and their vendor partners better understand the short- and long-term benefits of fast-tracking BTM roadmaps and mapping new or existing journeys.

The first BTM Working Group annual meeting will convene senior executives for two days of roundtable discussions, presentations of research findings, and in-person networking at the DoubleTree by Hilton in McLean, Virgina. The meeting is designed to be highly interactive and ensure a collegial environment in which participants can share freely. is our host sponsor, and attendees will get a tour of’s smart house demo facility. We’ll discuss ways to further develop the business and customer support model for renewables, EVs, smart homes, and more. View the agenda to learn more.

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