Essie Snell researches, writes, and presents on a wide range of established and cutting-edge energy-efficiency technologies spanning multiple sectors, and responds to hundreds of technical inquiries annually. Some of his core areas of expertise include home energy management systems, Internet of Things devices, water heating, and black-box technology evaluation. Essie also serves as the product manager of the E Source Business Energy Advisor, a comprehensive customer-facing resource containing a wide range of sector-specific information on energy efficiency. He previously worked with Point380, a consulting firm specializing in energy management, where he analyzed the carbon footprints of complex manufacturing processes and helped develop greenhouse gas neutrality strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Essie holds a BS in engineering physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Content by This Author

Water Heating and "U"

Essie Snell
October 26, 2017

I was surprised to learn that water heater efficiency metrics quietly changed in June—and utilities don’t seem to be changing their program specifications or assumptions!

Have Questions About the Smart Home? E Source Has the Answers

Essie Snell
June 6, 2017

Smart home technology can yield benefits for utilities of all sizes, and E Source has information to help you understand your options and meet your goals. Learn more about our new Smart Home Resource Center!

Did You Miss the 2017 California Emerging Technologies Summit? We’ve Got Your Top Takeaways

Bryan Jungers, Essie Snell, Andrea Salazar
May 4, 2017

Didn’t get a chance to attend this year's California Emerging Technologies Summit? Never fear! E Sourcers Bryan Jungers, Essie Snell, and Andrea Salazar were there and are ready to fill you in! Read our top takeaways.

The Changing Climate Makes Utility DSM More Vital Than Ever

Essie Snell
March 30, 2017

Despite uncertainty around federal climate change action, utilities are playing—and will continue to play—a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficiency and setting the stage for increased renewable energy production by adding resilience to the grid.

OK Google, How Much Energy Does Alexa Consume?

Essie Snell
February 20, 2017

Voice-controlled devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are rapidly gaining market share and may prove to be a key interface for the smart home over the next year or two. But for energy nerds like me, there’s a persistent and nagging question: How much energy do these devices actually consume?