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Never before have utilities had the opportunity to embrace a technology family that offers the potential to meet such a diverse array of goals. Opportunities range from low-cost demand response to more-efficient control of numerous residential energy end uses, collection of better data on in-home energy use, revenue generation, improved marketing and branding, and increased customer engagement. Although many utilities are now beginning to incorporate individual smart home devices, such as smart thermostats, into their program portfolios, systems composed of multiple interconnected devices have the potential to magnify the benefits utilities can achieve by offering increased flexibility, sophistication, and data-sharing.

Join us as E Source experts from several topical practice areas take a look at this exciting technology family through a customer-focused lens.

You will learn:

  • Who your early, mid-range, and hard-to-reach adopters of smart home systems are likely to be
  • Current developments around bring-your-own-device vendors and white-labeling opportunities
  • How customers and technologies can come together to create new conversations and relationships with examples from the field and sketches of what’s to come
  • The potential revenue that can be gained from smart thermostats
  • How some utilities have deployed smart home offerings that go beyond thermostats


Sarah Howie, Practice Director, Marketing and Communications, E Source
Essie Snell, Research Manager, Technology Assessment, E Source
Jeffrey Daigle, Research Manager, Customer Experience, E Source
Ryan Odell, Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source