Integrated account management is an approach that leading utilities are using to create customer value through predictive analytics, integrated systems, and tailored offerings. From the E Source standpoint, account management is about much more than simply designating a key account representative—it’s about customer strategy.

With the right information and engagement approach, any business customer—from key accounts to small businesses—can be effectively managed. Successful utilities are creating customer value by developing “segments of one” and adopting other integrated account management techniques.

During this free web conference, representatives from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District will highlight their ground-breaking approach to account management, developed in response to pressure from new competition, changing business customer attitudes, and regulatory trends. In such an environment, key account management grew in importance and became part of a cross-functional approach focused on providing value for small, midsize, and large business customers.

You’ll learn how to use an integrated account management approach to improve business customer value and loyalty by:

  • Integrating predictive analytics, marketing, and account management strategy
  • Incorporating customer insights meaningfully into your offerings
  • Establishing a structure that aligns business customers with internal processes and teams
  • Making the most of every individual’s efforts


Chad Garrett, Senior Manager, Consulting Solutions, E Source
Mike Hildebrand, Vice President, Consulting Solutions, E Source
Rob Lechner, Manager, Commercial & Industrial Account Solutions, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Roopali Shah, Strategic Market Development Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).