Here at E Source we love advising utilities on exciting new technologies and ways that consumers can reduce energy usage, but it’s even better when we can implement our own advice. Three years ago, Jay Stein, E Source senior fellow, spearheaded a campaign to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the E Source headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. We, like many other employers around the country, were looking for ways to encourage EV adoption with our employees and make our workplace greener.

At the time E Source started the process of installing a charger, there was very little employee interest. The company charged ahead with the installation in hopes that employees would view the charging station as one of the many benefits of EV ownership. Influenced in part by the convenience of charging at work, as well as by their own growing interest in EVs, three employees started charging their electric vehicles at the office.

A Level 1 charging station and several 120-volt outlets are available in the company parking lot. Across from the station, a dedicated EV parking spot flanked by spaces on either side are available for employee use. The company picks up the tab for charging, which is less than $1 per day per outlet. What a steal!

Jay Stein charges his Nissan Leaf at the E Source Boulder, Colorado, office

Photo of E Source senior fellow Jay Stein recharging his Nissa Leaf at the E Source charging station in Boulder, Colorado

As the instigator of EV charging at E Source and an EV owner himself, Jay loves working at a company that supports his vehicle-charging needs. He has a charger at home where he does most of his refilling, but it helps to have workplace charging to top off the tank before a long trip.

E Source pursued EV workplace charging on its own, but there are countless employers who could benefit from guidance through the process. Luckily, we recently published a report, Businesses in Charge: Bringing EVs to the Workplace, that provides resources for utilities that want to encourage EV adoption among their business customers. Whether it’s through workplace charging, fleet conversions, or employee engagement, commerical customers have options when it comes to greening their organizations with EVs. Read the report to learn more.


Since ESource already has the EV charging in place, you thought about signing up for the DOE Workplace Charging Challenge? And/or the related Colorado Energy Office EV Wired Workplace initiative?

Great idea - Thanks, Eric!